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hi there! 1k toots later, it may be time to do an :
i'm a telecom engineering student, interested in learning about . sometimes i write in
lately i'm also into
besides that, i'm a . i like too.
nice to meet you all! 😊

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@jartigag Esta mañana estuve navegando por su web y cuando vi que la sede estaba en Príncipe de Vergara (una calle cara de Madrid, para los que no sean de aquí) y que alojaban la web en AWS, pensé: “Éstos muy de barrio no son.” Gracias por la confirmación.

it tooks me 20-something minutes to read it on a smartphone screen, but i didn't lose focus at any moment.
when was the last time you read something on your smartphone (sorrounded by distractions!) for so long?

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@xiroux I haven't watched the show either, I just looked up the method because a friend told me. Here's a suitcase from a recent trip, for example

i've just read one of the best formats i've ever seen. it's an interactive comic, and it's about :

you may like it, @mx_psi 😉

note this date:
17th jan 2019, my first day on 😏

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@izaro @victorhck Indentar (que no está reconocido) viene del inglés to indent que significa hacer una muesca (dent = muesca).

definitively, the most useful trick i've learnt at work this week is:

```ssh -CX``` 👌👌

"-C: Requests compression of all data
-X: Enables X11 forwarding"

i learned on that there used to be a network tool on solaris called `snoop`.

`snoop -a` piped packets to /dev/audio so that you could LISTEN TO THE PACKETS as they crossed the network 😍

so i looked for an equivalent on linux, and i've just found this:
`sudo tcpdump -vvvv | padsp tee | aplay`

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Godot Engine – Hacer un juego rollo “Piedra Papel Tijera Lagarto Spock” Vol.1
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I just published my post about making lyric videos with Aegisub, kdenlive, ffmpeg, and some quick & dirty script I wrote:

See the end of the post for a simplification of the workflow that you should probably use, if you want to try this for yourself!

Thanks again to @luka for the idea /cc @jartigag

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After fiddling a bit with some home-made scripts and Aegisub, I managed to create a relatively easy workflow to make lyric videos (needs Linux, command-line, and editing text files, so it's totally for nerds). Anyway, the results are uploaded to Vimeo now:

If anyone is curious about the code or the workflow, I'll happily share (I might write a blog post at some point anyway).

Thanks a bunch to @luka for the idea of using ffmpeg to burn subtitles into the video!

"here you are, this is your workstation. it comes with an standard ubuntu, but you can install whatever you want."

let's see.. environment: unity..? 🤔


*opens terminal. first command:*

`sudo apt install kubuntu`

now we're talking 😎

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i've tried before, just for curiosity. but do you know why i decided to really use it from now?

an editor's first requirement (for me): launch fast enough.
second requirement (decisive from now on): allow translucent background 😁

since sublimetext doesn't allow it on linux.. welcome vim! :)

before coming back to work, let's catch a cold from home! as a souvenir 😂

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After thinking about @inmysocks and me I realized we didn't have enough room for and I think I know why.

I want to gather some information about people on the fediverse who work as or of the world ( ...).

I'd like to have a repository of all of the folks here who want to collaborate with an estimate expected income (different country, different salary!) and a simple CV.

Like the idea?

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@jartigag El motor de la aventura era AGE, necesitarás «java» instalado. Uno de los jugadores debe montar el servidor desde las herramientas de AGE y los demás conectarse al mismo. Es un juego en tiempo real, así que cuando se aprende a jugar puede ser un poco mareante 😉

hola @Notxor! me suena que mencionaste un juego de bolsa en aquella charla sobre aventuras conversacionales. cuál era?

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