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i should change my , since i've also changed a bit 😁

hi everybody! i'm a telecom engineer. i work as a network analyst, and i write on

i like

i used to make with many instruments. i try to keep making it 🎸

what about you? :)

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The Frog is Out! I think this is our most fun game yet, it's free on itch, so go, unlock all the secrets and let us know what you think





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Lab ready to record my work at home. I will be using this setup for blackhat but as I'm going to set it anyway, I will record some of my assembling just for fun. I'm not as good looking as SexyCyborg Noemi, but I'm also ready to record my stuff.

i want new for this summer. maybe technical, maybe other kind.

what would you recommend to me?

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Here’s the video of my talk “Beyond surveillance capitalism: alternatives, stopgaps, Small Web, and Site.js.” from Creative Mornings Istanbul on Friday.

Edited to fix the audio sync issue, add captions, chapters, and links to all the mentioned tools, etc.

Enjoy + please share! :)

tomorrow return trip. i'll miss my hometown 😊

my phone's proximity sensor doesn't work well since i had to replace the screen, and for some time now it gets blocked when it thinks i've put it on my ear.

it often happens with voice notes, and i just wait until i get the control back. but when it's a phone-call i can't hang up the call! i leave it until the other finishes it.

so now you can block my phone for the duration of a voice note if i listen to it 😅 but if you call me and i answer, it's like a DoS and you decide when to stop 😂

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Chapter 99 in The Tech Industry Is Broken With Problems It Has No Desire To Fix.

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Algo que mola de ver #godot en acción es que entran ganas rápidamente de ponerse a aprender y hacer algún juego.

Este último domingo negro estará @puppetmaster para cerrar la temporada :).

Será la última semana en la que haga spam de los #domingosNegros

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Pregunta para todos los rincones del fediverso a donde llegue este mensaje y sea entendido xD
- ¿Que ejemplos de "modelos de negocios" basados en software libre o cuyo producto final sea software libre conocen? -

Yo conozco un par de ejemplos pero me gustaria conocer mas y de distintos lados.

Gracias de antemano

solved. my father, who doesn't waste a-ny-thing, has brought home a standard office keyboard from his work center. administrative assistants there dismissed it because "A" isn't written on the key anymore 😳

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now i need a better keyboard. this cheap one has a poor feel and weird layout.

i like my laptop keyboard and i'm used to it (it's like this but typing on the laptop when using another screen isn't ergonomic at all.

this week i'll probably look for a compact keyboard.. although it doesn't seem easy to get it right

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because i work more comfortable with a second monitor and also because of connectivity problems, last week i've been testing a lot of home setups.

finally, i put laptop and monitor at eye level and i write with an old membrane keyboard.


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Repaired headphone jack: cast into a piece of PVC pipe with some epoxy. Not very green, but better than getting a new set!

i think this is the highest number i've ever seen in real life 🤯

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@amolith @sir

Docker is the ultimate answer to "it works on my machine"

Ok fine then we'll just deploy your machine to prod.

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