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hi there! 1k toots later, it may be time to do an :
i'm a telecom engineering student, interested in learning about . sometimes i write in
lately i'm also into
besides that, i'm a . i like too.
nice to meet you all! 馃槉

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Coincido con la conclusi贸n de @jartigag lo bueno del libro es que obliga a la reflexi贸n sobre h谩bitos adquiridos.

Lectura recomendada.

鈥淪al de la M谩quina鈥 (marzo-2017), de Sergio Legaz: 鈥渓ibrero de Barcelona, ex-adicto a la M谩quina y observador de la realidad鈥

sometimes things aren't right at the first attempt. better said.. almost always 馃槈

some behind-the-scenes:

i think someone recently talked here about this:
"What if I am religiously opposed to using Electron for any and all purposes?"

let's share this friendly reminder :)

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just had to do `whoami` because on my computer at the office i'm not javi, i'm "javier" 馃槀馃槀馃槀

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Diferencias de mapeado en 10 a帽os en Camer煤n. Google Maps vs Open Street Maps. Para que luego digan que Google har谩 un mundo m谩s justo

today i wrote about , the open-source mobile app sdk by google. how to install it in a minimalist way and get started with a "hello world" 馃實

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J贸venes est谩n reuni茅ndose en las inmediaciones de la Plaza Nabarreria para protestar por el nuevo desalojo del Gaztetxe Maravillas (okupado de nuevo ayer despues de una manifestacion) . Confirman que en su interior, cuando ha entrado la Polic铆a Foral, no han encontrado a nadie.
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i've just switched my keyboard on android to . i have to get used to it

i couldn't decide on which movie i'm seeing tonight. finally, i chose "taxi driver", this time on o.v. i hope this classic won't fail me 馃殩

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@jartigag Esta ma帽ana estuve navegando por su web y cuando vi que la sede estaba en Pr铆ncipe de Vergara (una calle cara de Madrid, para los que no sean de aqu铆) y que alojaban la web en AWS, pens茅: 鈥溍塻tos muy de barrio no son.鈥 Gracias por la confirmaci贸n.

it tooks me 20-something minutes to read it on a smartphone screen, but i didn't lose focus at any moment.
when was the last time you read something on your smartphone (sorrounded by distractions!) for so long?

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@xiroux I haven't watched the show either, I just looked up the method because a friend told me. Here's a suitcase from a recent trip, for example

i've just read one of the best formats i've ever seen. it's an interactive comic, and it's about :

you may like it, @mx_psi 馃槈

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