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hi there! 1k toots later, it may be time to do an :
i'm a telecom engineering student, interested in learning about . sometimes i write in
lately i'm also into
besides that, i'm a . i like too.
nice to meet you all! 😊

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i've been running a process for the last 12 days to show a demo in the defense of my graduation project.
the actual step was completed at 99,8%.
guess what.
power outage.

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Fact: If you think about this for sufficiently long, you officially become a combinatorialist.

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Se me ha ocurrido que cada vez que sale un "hackeo" de estos gloriosos de cualquier mierda como tracebook o mierdagram, que no fuera realmente un robo, que fuera una filtración de ellos mismos camuflada y así venden datos personales sin pasar ningún tipo de control #ConspiranoicoAlCuadrado

que esta no la había visto yo!

what a musical treat i give myself when i'm on my way to home 😎

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@andoniserra Los más intensitos suelen usar espacios. Usaría espacios solo para no escucharles. Usa tabs para joderles.

Nadie tiene razón.

i want to share this acknowledgements here because you people have also teached me things. technical and human 😊

today, in wonderful college broadcast emails:
the base64-encoded plaintext for a loong long img poster 😂

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"I'm a human.
I'm not a robot.
Remember me."

(login screen poetry)

today in security class:
a shell with curl / 2>/dev/null / awk / sed / grep

so this is how my first job interview has been:
i think i've made a good impression, but i have to work on conveying my strengths. i almost forgot to talk about my best works and what i'm interested the most!

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Do you consider yourself a #hacker? Why? What does that word mean to you?

Please reply and boost.

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To me, the thing that exemplifies "work smarter, not harder" is the Fallout 3 train hat - instead of creating an entirely new system for a train, they just have an NPC wearing a hat which is an entire train, hidden under the floor and running very quickly.

It's absurd, and someone could have spent a lot of time and effort on a new system to get the the same result in a less absurd way. But this works, so why not?

So my new motto is, "don't be afraid to wear a train as a hat."

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Hoy en mi blog, y porque lo prometido es deuda, una pequeña reseña sobre generar librojuegos desde org-mode de emacs.
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