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jasmine :white_check_mark: @jasminehenry

yes bring the gays to a cinema near me

gay movie squad whaddup. we watch carol, moonlight and the handmaiden on loop because that's all we have in the way of decent rep

@vahnj i just logged on and assumed this was a subtoot about me

@JhoiraArtificer tumblr never recommends anything decent to me usually but this? this is superb

A changelog dialogue on first login after notable features are added/changed?

would i buy tickets to the zarya gun show? yes , in fact i'd buy two tickets. i'd buy out the whole front row buy out the entire stadium pAY EXTRA FOR VIP MEET AND GREET

the bio says "gods gift to humanity" and my word ain't that the truth

hello friends i stop by briefly today to say, i have found a new favourite tumblr



@erol hhh i haven't played yet because i've been so busy :/

me: blizzard doesn;t own my ass

also me: literally paid to ship my pc desktop across the continent to play overwatch...

...and then travelled 48 hours to bring it back so i could play it some more in england

@lewislepton lol i feel that struggle. im mostly on mac so i would honestly buy the game again if they made officialy mac support

@lewislepton aw okay, well im looking forward to playing together when that happens!

@lewislepton it runs okay-ish on a pc with 8GB of ram if thats any help?

@noelle is that different from the gay mafia that all the straight ppl complain about

@Caelyn i mean ive thought about it but i dont wanna seem spammy or something ya know :/