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jasmine :sunglasses: @jasminehenry

@AlexLW oh dang, id expected more games on itch than steam, maybe theyre just not tagged?

@futureheads242 ah, cool! totally hadn't heard of that one before now so Ty :)

@falgn0n a character who doesn't identify with the gender binary (i.e they don't identify as either male or female)

@Efi its alright, i do appreciate those examples tho <3

@theoutrider oh, nice! it's been a while since i played them but thank you!

@Efi omg,,, I can actually think of three suggestions off the top of my head, we've come so far in terms of representation aha

@oliver Pyre does, I can confirm! Thanks for the suggestions :)

Hello friends, can you please recommend some games that allow you to play as a non-binary character?

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stuff that fuckin sucks

- watching people talk about their accomplishments, and be proudly not cis, knowing you can't join in because you aren't publicly out as GNC

- seeing non marginalised people get coins and views for expressing their thoughts about a thing that affects marginalised folks

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@Murassa gamers vote with their wallets but unfortunately the ballot box is not big enough and their votes are deemed void 😫 🎮

@shel where's the scooby doo mystery gang when we need them to do an unmasking

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btw if anyone else has thoughts / feedback on the podcast i'm all ears 👂🏾

occasionally I think about how a gaydar for furries is a fursonar

@cphuntington97 @ccolocho viewer participation is always encouraged, so long as they don't affect the audio quality ;)