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Welcome new users! Looks like I've gained a few new followers so here is my post.

- I'm Jasmine, a freelance games/pop culture journalist based in the UK!

- Focused on inclusive games - games with POC/LGBTQ/female characters

- I'm also big on diversity in the games industry

- My own site is jstationx.com (though i write for a few other places too!)

- I toot about Overwatch a lot so I apologise in advance :)

@masklayer hey hope you don't mind the rando follow! I saw your AC tweet and thought i'd give you a shout on here :)

πŸ…±οΈ oneless none gender with left girl

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really, that's such a mastodon sounding post i had to do a double take haha

honestly if Blizzard gave me a 'Mercy spinning plates' Arcade mode where I just have to hop between three different tanks, healing 'em and making sure they don't die, that would be my idea of fun

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boost this toot if yr grateful for animals

(i'm also accepting any and all pet pictures or ovw fanart ty)

pals, the new Mercy changes are really terrible

me, a known Mercy main, needs some good stories to cheer up

I put these calls out every so often so here goes:

If you're working on an inclusive game (something with POC/LGBTQ/female characters/relevant themes) please reach out to me, I would love to hear about it!

I can't guarantee coverage and I'm generally very busy but I'm always down to hear about new, inclusive things :)

(pls boost!)

(this just happened as I was sending an add request to an Important Professional Contact on Skype and I am embarrassed, don't mind me)