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jasmine 😎 @jasminehenry@mastodon.social

"shade is usually employed to take someone (or something) down a notch," they say, knowing full well that well delivered shade is practically an act of violence

in my old circle of pals food discourse is what we'd call a 'food war'

much messier than a food fight because you don't want to break up decades long friendships by arguing about pickles (which are a Good food btw)

rule number one of Mastodon (and any social media site, really): don't get involved in food related discourse

I declare #CakeForTransFriendsDay.

I'm fed up of "coming out" days that ask trans people to come out in an unsafe world, doing all the risky stuff, while cis people ignore us.

Today, 14th Oct, every year, the onus is on cis people to buy cake for their #trans, #nonbinary and otherwise genderly-interesting friends.

Hey, hey players - I'm writing an article about the game's most impressive moments.

Was there a story mission you loved? Was there something about the Crucible/Strikes/Raid that wowed you?

@ me your thoughts! (and please boost if you feel so inclined ☺️ )

It goes without saying that 'Not All Hellbird Users!' but boiiiii do I feel way more Understood on Masto than Hellbird

like, my people, I'M HOME

tired: using tech to reconnect with hellbird people on mastodon

wired: making new, gay masto friends who you never knew before

It's ! You should probably follow @Gargron , @djsundog , @yogthos , @garbados , @Pasty , @plsburydoughboy and anyone else who looks interesting! i'm not interesting, btw.

what's worse is that there are people who will be totally dumbfounded by that - but acting like a wanker isn't human nature I don't think!

that shit is learnt and some people (both elsewhere and on here if we're being honest w/ ourselves) need to fucking unlearn it pronto

I feel like I ask this all the time but why it so hard for people not to act like a total bell-end?

There are people I strongly dislike, hate even, but I don't go straight to 'harassing them on social media' as a course of action for dealing with them.

me + loving Halloween just because of Overwatch events

not to be on-brand and talk about Overwatch again

but Junkenstein's Revenge is so much fun like holy shit?? I missed out on it this year but I've played like...one QP match since the update hit I'm having such a good time

PB: we're playing overwatch in 2017 but @Noelle808 is playing in 3017 tbh

Daily hot take: I find "I'm not interested in politics" and "I don't care about politics" sentiments extremely privileged and annoying; it means you never *had to* bother with the oppressive mechanisms and apparatus of capitalism.

No I don't need to buy any skins. Everyone else needs to buy skins so I can actually look at them while playing.

does it count as wlw bait if a film/show/game has female characters and me, who is weak, ends up becoming obsessed with that female character

hashtag overwatch struggles am I right

the real question is do I spend my 3k on one new skin or buy last year's skins instead?

me: I don't believe in Halloween and i don't support it as a Holiday

*sees Pharah, Zarya, Symmetra and Ana's Halloween skins*