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Jasmine Henry @jasminehenry@mastodon.social

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My big goals for 2018 are:

- Writing more about diversity, inclusion and representation in media

- Do more copywriting (editing and creating website text)

So if you know anyone who needs help with either, I'm your person! :)

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Welcome new users! Looks like I've gained a few new followers so here is my post.

- I'm Jasmine, a freelance games/pop culture journalist based in the UK!

- Focused on inclusive games - games with POC/LGBTQ/female characters

- I'm also big on diversity in the games industry

- My own site is jstationx.com (though i write for a few other places too!)

- I toot about Overwatch a lot so I apologise in advance :)

NYFW: Sequinned jorts, the hottest Fall trend

I'm watching the first episode of the Netflix Queer Eye reboot and the guy they're making over loves jorts...why is this a Mastodon callout post

Overwatch Year of the Dog Skins Confirm Pharmercy is Canon? - jstationx.com/2018/02/09/overw

Two new legendary skins prompt new speculation about the flying duo.


Lack of Diversity in Games Like ‘Daily Racism’ for Minority Players, Says Study - jstationx.com/2018/02/02/lack-

The results of this study are astonishing 😮


I have an open position on my team (just me & my manager) at work (Under Armour) for a senior software engineer. Our job description is so bad, though. It doesn't accurately reflect what working here is like or what I'd say my team is looking for. I'mma figure out who to talk to about making it better.

BUT: If you live in Austin and have questions about what we do and how we do it, please feel free to hit me up on here. Boosts welcome. I promise it's welcoming, not bro-ey; collaborative, not competitive; and that work/life balance is highly valued. It's a really great place to work and I'd really, REALLY like to not have a funnel full of cishet white dudes.

I started the day like 'bloop' but it actually ended up being pretty productive after all, can I get a he'll yeah

BioWare RPG Anthem Officially Delayed to 2019 - jstationx.com/2018/02/01/biowa

The delayed RPG promises exploration, combat with monsters, co-op gameplay, character customization, and more.


seriously y'all, save some creative talent for the rest of us 😅

how am i supposed to be productive when the creators of mastodon keep distracting me with their amazing and wonderful and brilliant art?

finally did a mock up of my color zine's cover and i'm so glad this idea is working out #mastoart #wip

Today I want to show you my last idea. It is JUNICORN.

A year ago I started sewing. First small things like a pencil case, wallet, clutch... and then simple cloths. Now I start to learn more complicated things (cloths). And that's why I wanted to put an identifier to my creations like a trademark.

@ekaitz_zarraga helped me in the design of the logo. (Thanks love).

The origin of the name is very special for me. Our lovely niece's name is June (it is a basque name). She loves unicorns, so the name is something composed with the two things. You can view it in the logo, the "J" is a letter and looks like a unicorn 🦄 . I love her, so that's why I decided to base on her.

Here the pictures.

Thanks, and good night to everyone.



mastodon.host/media/AUakL-bWiQ mastodon.host/media/_yyzvhByOL mastodon.host/media/Wvz_bGawcI

anyway, i stayed up two hours past my bedtime to keep playing assassin's creed origins and now i have bags under my eyes and can't focus

so Bloop is the word of the day, smarter thoughts on hold until i take a nap

some days you're like 'wow i have a really profound thought and an idea i need to share on social media!' and other days you're just like 'the word 'bloop' is hecking hilarious i gotta let the world know'

League of Legends: Is Fiora the Next LGBTQ Character? - jstationx.com/2018/01/31/leagu

"League of Legends hints that Fiora is the game's next LGBTQ character by adding some interesting voice interactions during the Swain rework update."


@chosafine [eye emoji] i can't find to the toot now, but did you @ me a few days ago about a podcast?

[taps mic] now would be a good time to announce that I'm working on a list of Games With LGBTQ Characters Releasing in 2018 for @JStationX!

If you're making a game that fits that description please @ me! I cannot guarantee that your game will be featured but I would love to hear about it :)

(pls boost this message 😀 )