The Intercept is now a unionized workplace with the Writers Guild of America!

"With official hostility to core First Amendment principles reaching a fever pitch, it’s essential that we unite with our colleagues in other newsrooms in order to protect our values. Unions have long played an important role in holding governments and corporations accountable. It’s only fitting that we should carry on that tradition at The Intercept."

Hello Android: My favorite VPN client comes to Android! (I'm biased)

Cloak is amazingly simple to use. When your phone joins a WIFI network, cloak auto-enables, passing all your traffic through it.

@jasong @csilverman reputation systems are terrible for marginalized people and tend to reward those who already have a large audience. There's no need to prop up people who already have a megaphone.

Some ideas:

—reputation system? As in: users could filter users whose rep (as tallied by is under a specific amount?

—invite-only signup required to contact people on Possible to get around, of course, but it'll be harder to spin up an account in minutes if you have to get an invite from someone with a good reputation first.

—ghost bans: Mastodon admins can silence users without users knowing. Keeps trolls busy, and they won't think to make a new account.

I now want to write an app for mastodon that allows the marginalized crowd-source a block-list of assholes and have that blocklist shared/auto-applied.


If so many men argue that the assholes are the minority, (NOT ALL MEN!!!) why do we never see giant groups of men flooding women's accounts with nice, respectful messages or support?

Why doesn't dogpiling get responded to by a flood of help? Where is the support for women being stalked and threatened? Where are y'all?

I have never in my life been overwhelmed by kindness. But men literally attempt (and often succeed) destroying my life on the daily.

Where are the "good guys"?


I just blocked 3 people who told me to suck it up and block people.

Way to not understand the underlying issues of harassment of women on the internet, you fucks.

sexual assault / politics 

if you're tired of seeing a bunch of french toots:
install google translate into your browser. don't tell them to change to english or include an english translation for YOU.

@orionwl The bridge provides a "follow" button next to the friends it finds.

Reminder: fellow lady creators - please @ me with your links. I boost. Let's help women get paid.

@cyrinsong one nice thing is that mastodon is compatabile with OStatus and GnuSocial. So at least the protocol has backing from FSF if not this particular server implementation

If you want an IFTTT mastodon -> twitter crossposter:

1) make a new applet
2) Select Feed
3) enter "https://your.instance/users/username.atom"
4) Make the "Then That" post entityContent to twitter
5) Note that if you have over 140 characters it won't tweet

I'm investigating setting up a mastadon instance here at Panic. Part of me would like to open it up to all of Porltand with a good CoC to keep it cool. I think we would get some value from seeing a portland-wide instance timeline.

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