What would Firefox be if it was private by default?

It would be LibreWolf.


#web #browser #privacy #mozilla

Last month, new house listings went up by 26% month-on-month, and 8% year-on-year, the first annual increase in listings since 2019. It's worse than it looks: rising mortgage rates mean that buyers are leaving this market, reducing demand for the (increasing) supply. Closing sales have declined for nine consecutive months.


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US politics/gun culture 

Discussions I’ve seen of US firearm policy miss what I think is the real reason for gridlock on this:

Perhaps the Ur-myth of America is the ordinary man who takes his gun off the wall and goes forth to battle tyranny. This repeats again and again, from the Revolution to John Wilkes Booth to Rambo and Red Dawn. A substantial minority of Americans see it as a defining characteristic of Americanness, ergo there can be no negotiation on guns.

Visualizing the fediverse in different ways is really cool.

Can't wait to ship the new fedidb.org 😁

This has been a source of enormous pride - never moreso than in Citizenfour, Laura Poitras's documentary, when Edward Snowden grabs his copy of Homeland off his Hong Kong bedside table as he heads for a safe-house.



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Apparently tweeting just the title of Bruce Willis’s best known Christmas movie, in response to a tweet about pop culture references to Beethoven’s 9th symphony, is enough to get one thrown in “jail” at the bird site.

Right. Been sitting on this for far too long.

I offer for your perusal a critique, of sorts, of a laudable movement, but one which I now believe to be both target blind and exclusionary, and that, as a consequence, I don’t want to devote any more of my time to it.



Hey all, moving off Cloudflare caused some DNS issues for my sites - and for my Protonmail custom domain.

If you email me and get a bounce message, use doug <at> weareopen <dot> coop instead please!

Well it took me most of the day but I’ve now got my live streaming setup with the Atem Mini Pro that arrived today ready for my keynote tomorrow at the @imd Interactive Future Exhibition.


#SmallTech #IFExhibition

Today’s perplexing challenge: trying to get federated wiki running in a docker engine on jelastic

Status: thoroughly perplexed

What's everyone's favorite iOS Mastodon client at the moment?

Trying to make Microsub the new aggregator for my digital life and wondering what's the best way to turn my mastodon home timeline into something a Microsub server can input.

For all the creatives out there. This is something I've been involved with - for me as a musician it creates a community of practice, where normally the actual creative practice is a very lonely one. I need people. If you need people, just to notice while you work, and want to share things as you build/create/make them, then this is a place for you:

YapNet.org (it's not a social site, it's a creative sandbox)

*please boost

Realizing with utter horror that "do not telegraph my wife stop" is no longer around

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