Crumbling online discourse and the role of decentralisation as path to agency for better discourse

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I have a new appreciation for Mastodon content warnings.

Apple: we believe privacy is a human right.

Also Apple: here’s your trust score.


@dajbelshaw I was reading some of your old blog posts. How did the hubzilla experiment work out?

Blog Post "Aggregating the Decentralized Social Web" @gargon

how to explain federation in one sentence: "it makes many websites work like one website." there, simple, done. now you can focus on explaining why people want to use mastodon / what will make them feel at home / guiding to a preferred webspace beyond practical security concerns Have you tried ZeroMail yet?

My semi-regular inquiry: Do any of my followers use SSB/Patchwork or Twister?

I do wonder how games like come out with such insane hardware requirements. Like what kind of equipment do the devs have that that game runs smoothly on it? I find it hard to believe that the devs wouldn't be testing their game at the highest quality setting, so wtf?

If you had 45 minutes to talk to a general audience about the surveillance web and what to do about it, what are the points you would be sure to include?

This is my somewhat regular toot inquiring as to whether anyone I know from the mastoverse uses Twister or secure scuttlebutt / patchwork.

Glancing at my mastodon feed while reading Walkaway by @doctorow and pondering the parallels.

"All of these companies have the same weakness: apps are not that hard to build. A determined group of #Uber drivers, once organized, could band together and easily program an app (or hire someone to) that would resemble Uber or #Lyft outwardly, but inwardly send the fruits of their labors back to themselves — no middlemen taking a cut or #BottomlessInvestorMaws to feed." #platformcoop #coop #coops

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