I spent a lot of money on a new bed today and I regret nothing.

Right now I'm camping out with minimal stuff in my new place. I miss my books and art :( I hope they can be saved

Oh man since the last time I was here I lost my apartment due to a fire next door and they announced new Steven Universe episodes in December. All my stuff should be cleaned or replaced by then yay!


I am glad I'm single but also sorry I am straight because I am not really seeing the value of men much these days. Can we send them all into stasis for like, 100 years or something.

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scientists are just people who didn't want to graduate ever. after a while they're like, "there's no more classes so you're a scientist now"
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RT @jfruh@twitter.com: a thing i think about a lot is how in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, george bailey doesn't redline immigrants out of his development and mr potter sneers at how "a bunch of garlic eaters" live there

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Body modification 

I keep reaching to the spot on my neck where that damn ugly mole was to make sure it's still gone. I hated that thing so much. Fuck moles, man. Yay for dermatologists.

Divorce weirdness 

So one of the first things I did was block my ex's FB posts from my timeline. Can't unfriend because we have a kid. Anyway, every now and then I get curious and go look at his posts. And his posts are so boring, y'all. Who even was this person I lived with so long?

Self care this week: went to gyno got lady parts checked. Went to dermatologist, got rid of some moles I hated. Being single again is teaching me to care about myself the way I cared about my ex. Not because he demanded that. When you're a woman, everything in the culture teaches you to prioritize a partner over yourself. Most men don't reciprocate though, so that means your turn never comes.

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I do not like Cats. I am not a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber. don't @ me.

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That nighttime deep stroking, hair pulling, ass slapping, gut banging, waist gripping, neck choking, toe curling, leg shaking, shit talking, so you can sleep better medicine

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I am cheery because I am finally needing fuzzy socks, aw yeah

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Bible: Angels look like a giant wheel of flame.
Renaissance painter: This one looks like my sexy boyfriend.
Bible: No! They have a hundred eyes!
Painter: Cute babies?

It's possible to know that not all men are bad, and gender binaries are reductive, and still daydream about putting men in a timeout for like a 100 years or so to let women run things.

Dealing with the hellscape 

My anxiety is off the charts lately because it's hard not to think we're all doomed. Meanwhile I must maintain the appearance of calm to keep my job because capitalism means that's the one way to survive.

I am bitter about this.

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