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Howdy, new Mastodonians!

I'm Jaycie, a , indie (who works full-time as a software developer to pay the bills)! Check out the demo for my visual novel!

My interests include , , , , , , , , , , and more!

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feel free to boost up my damn posts about what matilde has been putting people through, if you like believe me and the other people whove spoken out,

Not gonna lie, most of us have a very hard time with the fediverse cuz she attached herself to the mastodon project when it was new

and time and time again, its been a space where abusive people have found new power

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Hey, I still have some emoji commission slots open!~

Details and rates are at ^^

I'm tired of talking about ethics in tech without talking about the inherently unethical economic framework that tech shapes and participates in.

late capitalism is basically all the fearmongering about communism come true, except you have to pay for it too

Please remember that a huge number of trans people in the US are going through shock and despair right now, and you can help us by making sure those of us you know are all right and by standing up and punching back when we can't.

Apparently at least one major government had an insider working undercover at Twitter:

It doesn't really matter if Twitter is trustworthy or not, simply having a vast amount of personal data in one place is going to attract spies from all sorts of organisations that wish to misuse it.

This is why decentralisation is important, to make it technically more difficult to invade people's privacy.

#Privacy #Twitter

talk to your admins about increasing the character limit today

Hey I'm gonna be looking to hire a web designer soon, someone who's also aware of trans healthcare stuff and trans social justice in general, boost please I'd love to look at any portfolios or hear from people who might be interested.

#Mozilla is taking on 15 #Outreachy interns

Applications due October 30. Includes $5500 stipend in 3 phases.

Opportunity open to #women, #trans men, and #genderqueer globally. If you're in the US this extends to all Black/African American, Hispanic/Latin@, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander people too!!

#Diversity in Tech
#lgbtqia #PoC #WomenInTech

@ThoughtWorks USย is looking for an Experience Designer and a Visual Designer. If you or anyone you know would be interested, please get in touch with me. I'd be happy to provide insights of what it feels to be a Designer for this company. (Boosts appreciated)

"If Iโ€™m going to enjoy the absurd capitalist soma of video games, the last thing I want to do is feel like Iโ€™m being badgered by a superior at a dead-end job."

Never forget: most of us have been poisoned by a toxic educational system that teaches us systematically that failing at a task or not knowing a correct answer is shameful.

There is no inherent shame in failure, in not knowing, or in being wrong, and we shouldn't actively shame others for it.

Get back up, learn something new, and try again.

every time you do something kind for a loved one or a stranger without expecting anything in return, you are rebelling against a rotten, anti-human order that wants you to view every element of your life as a ledger book. godspeed.

Bittorrent is all about sharing in abundance as fast as possible, Blockchain is about preserving ownership through inefficiency

Fun fact: the earliest museum curator we know about was a woman, Princess Ennigaldi of Ur, whose museum catalogued artifacts from earlier Babylonian and surrounding cultures. Her father, King Nabonidus, was the first known archaeologist.

Ennigaldi, who lived in the mid-6th century BCE, meticulously labeled each item in her museum - in three languages! - and took great care to preserve them; some of her collection dated back at least 1500 years.

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