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Thank you for funding Almost Real: A Speculative Biology Zine!! Only 12 hours left on the kickstarter and about $200 away from our second stretch goal-- if you haven't contributed yet, this is your last chance!

Improved my veliger larva/marine snail pokemon! They look beautiful fluttering through your garden, but beware– they’d rather eat your flowers than pollinate them.

These pokemon can often be found drifting near the edge of space, feeding on the Earth's magnetic field. Based on the echinopluteus larva, juvenile, and adult forms of the sand dollar!

They huddle and rub against each other in the cold, generating powerful static electricity! Based on a trochophore larva and a bristle worm.

Almost Real: A Speculative Biology Zine has <30% more to go on Kickstarter, and only 8 days to do it. Like what you see here? Consider supporting us! Even more cool stuff awaits in the finished anthology...

ALMOST REAL: A Speculative Biology Zine is less than $500 dollars away from 50% funded! Like Zoobooks and made-up animals? Give us a look!

2016 was the year of me going "ough i need more trans friends" and 2017 was the year of all the friends i already had coming out as trans. Conclusion: trans is contagious, I am a vector of infection

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