Migrating from Twitter to Mastodon:
Come for the novelty, stay for the not-getting-angrier-with-each-new-toot.

People still fretting about "owning" their username on every instance.

<morpheus>What if I told you that you never owned your username on the birdsite in the first place?</morpheus>

Now Hiring
Sr. Mastodon Administrators

Position requires 7-10 years experience with Mastradon and related technologies.

Must be willing to relocate to mastrodrome.city

@ksunter I knew he was the murderer as soon as I saw his totally sweet ride. The paint flecks at the scene were from the same type of sports car, which no doubt got him a ton of chicks. "Hey dude!" I yelled, popping my collar a little higher as I easily ran across the busy street. "Badass car, bro." "Thanks bro," he said. "Five it." We slapped our hands together, then I slapped the cuffs on him. Nobody kills a cheerleader in Chad Benson's city.

It turns out the Real Slim Shady was the friends we made along the way.

Six reasons why Mastodon will fail
1. I don't like elephants or dinosaurs and a mastodon is both
2. Being distributed is an inherent flaw with no upsides
3. Toots is a silly word, unlike tweets which is a serious word
4. You need to remember a number, not a handle, and I don't like that and also I'm wrong about that
5. You can't search the whole network at once
6. Apps for a new thing have unpolished UX

Hi, welcome to Mastodon, you're now an anarcho communist.


At least we can all say we were here before the Mastodon Moments tab arrived.

Actually, mastodon is the name of the software. You're thinking of "Mastodon's monster"

the bad thing about this intentionally looking like tweetdeck ... is I want more tweetdeck features

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I love the excitement, optimism and confusion over Mastodon!

Ok! So my hastily-assembled twitter-importer is complete. Now I follow a selection of people who have at-handles very roughly matching those I follow on twitter. Great success!


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