Friday Night Cocktail - The Gambi

- 40ml Dark(ish) Rum
- 20ml Punt E Mes
- 2.5ml (bar spoon) Grenadine
- 6 drops Angostura
Stirred, Martini Glass, cherry.

Rum + Grenadine + Angostura = Pirates. But Red Vermouth = Italian. So, Italian Pirates = "one of the most violent and bloodthirsty men in the Gulf of Mexico during the early 19th century". Which makes it a "Gambi".

One week till the London Brexit march. Be there.

It's not just about a demand for a vote for us. It's also a demand for the politicians to come to their senses, act in the national interest and to vote to stay in the EU.

Just Say No To UK-Exit.

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Less than 2 week's time till the big Anti-Brexit march in London. Be there. Usual story, Park Lane 12pm, Start March 1pm, To Parliament Sq. 20-Oct-18

It's not just about a demand for a vote.

It's a demand for an end to UK-Exit and to stay in the EU.

Is it ok now to wear an ironic T-Shirt with "CCCP" on it? How about a black cap with the hammer and sickle?

100 in 10. The best 100 albums of the last 10 years as chosen by The Quietus. Expect the gratuitously obscure as well as the obscurely gratuitous.

Friday Night Cocktail - Fair and Warmer

This one turned up in a Guardian "48 cocktail recipes you can make at home". They still tend to have unobtainable ingredients! Deceptively simple.

- 50ml Rum (Mount Gay)
- 25ml Red Vermouth (Carpano)
- 12.5ml Cointreau
- Shaken, Cocktail glass, lemon twist.

There's a fair bit of sugar in there so not for pre-diabetics. But it's yummy. And I feel like it's probably known by other names because it's quite obvious.

Little bit of nostalgia for me. A hand painted personal invite to a free festival adventure, 42 years ago. I'd been looking for it for 15 years or so, and yesterday it fell out of a bunch of papers.

Interesting idea from

Can we get someone to commission an anthology of stories set in the 22nd century. Say, 100 authors, one for every year with stories visibly set 100-200 years from now.

Because there's very little in the way of SciFi, CliFi, stories and narratives set in 2100-2199. And we need it.

Climate change analysis especially has a huge (and deliberate) blind spot for what happens beyond 1-Jan-2100.

DJs/Producers you really want to see but have never seen[1].

The same, you've seen but would see again?[2]

SLF House in London, UK, in 2018 Q4?

[1]Blo, Pรฉpe, Buddy Love, CoastDream, DJ Sotofett, DJ Sprinkles, DJ Swagger, Grant, Jesse bru, Laurence Guy, nthng, Ray Kandinski, Sad City, So Inagawa, Subjoi, tlim shug, Yadava, Yaeji,

[2]Chaos in the CBD, Baltra, DJ Boring, Demuja, Hidden Spheres, Ross From Friends (live)

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Anybody out there play their music collection off an Android phone?

Getting really tired of the support forum hell of trying to work out why Google Play Music playlists won't play nicely with VLC, Winamp, and so on. 1000 track limits, lack of syncing from desktops to android to GPM, Incompatible file formats, etc, etc etc.

I would like to replace an ageing iPod with current android tech and a fat SD card but it doesn't seem easy or even possible.

"Noughtie Bangerz".

Music obviously & just seen. Isn't it a bit early for a Noughtie Revival?

Don't say "Brexiteer". They're not Russel Crowe. Call them Ukexiters.

- Reminds of UKIP
- It's the UK, not Great Britain that's leaving
- It's not some swashbuckling, pirate band of Privateers.

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