I hear Theresa May is putting the vote off till Jan to catch the sales. There's a special offer going to be on. Have 2 votes, get one free.

Ironic really that good expensive Vermouth rescues cheap nasty brandy. But wasn't that one of the original points of cocktails back when spirits were fairly suspect?

Saturday Night Cocktail - Harvard

Having worked my way round all the Manhattan variations with each change of the main spirit, I've finally arrived at the Brandy version.

- 50ml Cognac (Tescos VSOP finest cooking brandy)
- 25ml Cocchi Torino Italian Vermouth
- 6 drops Angostura
- Stirred, Martini Glass, Luxardo Cherry

Silky! Ironic really that good expensive Vermouth rescues cheap nasty brandy. But wasn't that one of the original points of cocktails back when spirits were fairly suspect?

Some people seem to like 2:1 Gin-Vermouth. Kind of like a Gin Manhattan. That's also a good drink but I think a Martinez should be Gin&It+Maraschino. Go heavy on all those delicious red vermouth flavours and lighter on the juniper.

Friday Night Cocktail - Martinez

It's old, so consequently nobody can agree on the recipe. It also dates form when people had a really sweet tooth. And Craddock at the Savoy apparently wanted to make huge batches of the thing so calls for wine glasses of Old Tom Gin. Here;s the Everleigh version.

- 30ml Tanqueray Gin
- 30ml Cocchi Torino red vermouth
- Bar-spoon maraschino
- 12 drops orange bitters
- 6 drops Angostura
- Stirred, chilled Martini glass, squeezed lemon peel and cherry.

Saturday Night Cocktail - The Bronx.
This is the Savoy Stomp variation but considerably smaller!
- 30ml Gin
- 15ml Punt E Mes
- 15ml Noilly Prat
- 15ml freshly squeezed Orange Juice
Shaken, double strained, Martini glass, Orange Slice.


To be drunk quickly while listening to The Bronx.

Friday Night Cocktail - The Bee's Knees

60ml Gin - Adnams First rate
20ml lemon juice
20ml honey syrup = 10ml runny honey, 10ml warm water
Put everything into a shaker without ice. Stir vigorously to get the honey to dissolve. Add ice, shake. Double strain, Martini Glass, Lemon Twist.

This is the first time I've made this one and wasn't sure of the quantities. Some people say 20ml honey. but I think that would be too sweet.

Drink with Kenny Larkin's Sade mix.

This Deal must be voted out. Any subsequent deal that hopes to tweak the edges to run down the clock must also be voted out. This has now been reduced to a 3 way decision.
May-Deal, No-Deal or No-Brexit. And it's up to our representatives in government to make that decision in the best interests of the country. And not to be swayed just by party politics or personal power.

And remember folks:-
No UK-Exit is better than any bad UK-Exit. And they're all bad.

It's hard to know where to even start, given that the letter is so full of half-truths, fakery and outright lies. Thankfully others have done it for us.

So it has come to this. The Prime Minister's office is now sending out Nigerian Spam letters.


Saturday Night Cocktail - Americano
c/o Everleigh

45ml Cocchi Torino red vermouth
15ml Campari
15ml Aperol
30ml Soda
Build in a frozen, ice filled rocks glass. Orange slice.

As they say, the Aperol makes it brighter. The Cocchi vermouth adds quality.

Ford have a high end audio, entertainment, phone, nav system in their cars now called SYNC3. It does lots of clever stuff like Bluetooth, USB, Android Auto, iPod/iPhone controls, Wifi updates and such like.

So why doesn't it have a simple 3.5mm jack, AUX Input, FFS! Seriously, how hard could it have been to just add an AUX-IN? The previous Sync2 from Sony had one, why doesn't the Sync3?

I blame Apple for removing the headphone jack. Now everyone's doing it.

Skkkrrrsssh. MEDIC!

Half Life. 20 years old today.

Do you remember "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet"?

Was it about a group of hard working labourers, who are forced to work abroad in horrible conditions to provide for their families?

Or was it about a bunch of despicable, queue-jumping immigrants. Taking jobs, pushing down wages and taking advantage of local benefits?

Why do the Brexiters want another Tory party leadership contest? They had one in 2016. They should respect democracy and the vote. /s

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