Benn & Corbyn, eh?

PR would be a start.


1991: Tony Benn presented a Commonwealth of Britain Bill to the House of Commons. The Bill, backed by, proposed:
▪️Abolition of the monarchy
▪️A House of the People (not Lords)
▪️Devolved parliaments for 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
▪️Election of a President
▪️CofE disestablishment


Send a time traveler back to kill one person to prevent climate change. Who is it?

Burning coal to create steam to do work is a prime candidate but too obvious. Henry Ford?

Think on and it just looks inevitable. Only question is when.

Privatise the profits. Socialise the costs.
Nuclear: Too slow. Too expensive. Too centralised.

It's not that we don't need it, but we need to prioritise fast, cheap, Wind+Solar and the grid to go with it in the mean time.

We need more angry Scots women.


It is vital we discuss the F word or we risk facing regret forever.


The only way to fix the N.I.Protocol is for the UK and Ireland to enter into a Single Market and Customs Union that exactly mirrors the EU SM&CU. And is required by the treaty to maintain that exact mirroring.

Without that there must be a border with checks.

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Cocktail - The Queen
25ml Gin
25ml Italian Vermouth
25ml French Vermouth
dash Angostura
Stir, Cocktail glass, Orange twist or olive

The one without the Pineapple juice and not from Queens NYC.

Cocktail - &

25ml Gin & 25ml Cognac & 25ml Italian Vermouth & 10ml Orange Curacao & dash Angostura,
Stir, cocktail glass & lemon twist.

Been working in a wood so was going to just make a gimlet. But this appealed. & it was good.


It is time once again for the Spirits. This week we are drinking the Ampersand, an old gin-brandy classic from the Waldorf. Come! It is so, no excuse.


13GtC/Yr turned into 40GtCO2/yr until the 1TtC of accessible fossil carbon is all gone. In one last . A temperature rise of >5C. 200k years before CO2 and temperatures drop back again.

The only way to fix the N.I.Protocol is for the UK to begin negotiations to rejoin the EU SM & CU.

There never was a solution to Brexit that leaves the CU+SM AND avoids a GB-NI-Ireland border AND protects the GFA. It's impossible.

The NHS Covid-19 bluetooth app worked. Does it still work? Did it work in the most recent Omicron wave?

And it worked despite the spread of the "Pingdemic" disinformation meme.

Keep running it. Keep reporting to ZOE. There's really no reason not to.

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Now peer-reviewed in Nature, “The Epidemiological impact of the NHS COVID-19 App”. Here’s a quick rundown of results & what they mean. We estimated that the app prevented several hundred thousand cases from arising. The app works. 1/n



"The 38 bills announced yesterday help ease the cost of living, grow our economy and make our streets safer.

And while we're getting on with the job, Labour and the Lib Dems have nothing to say.

They're playing politics with no ideas of their own."

So farewell then, Apple iPod.
I miss your huge battery life
but not the limited capacity.
Or iTunes.
You've now been replaced
by a 500Gb MicroSD card.
Maybe next year
it will be 1Tb.

Please comply with all the official requirements and directions to keep our democracy safe.

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, NHSCovidPass. Electoral officials will be able to record your presence and ID with a simple snapshot using the HMVoterVerify app on their phones.

Now that we are "Living with Covid", it's important for these to work that you remove all face coverings and masks when voting.

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So we are working with our partners in Integrity Initiative, Cambridge Analytica, Palantir and TFL to introduce alternate methods of voter validation. These include Applepay/Androidpay/Oystercard, contactless debit/credit cards, ankle bracelets, face/iris/fingerprint recognition

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HM Government is introducing voter ID to help protect democracy from electoral fraud. Initially this will be via passport, driving license or old person's railcard. We recognise that some citizens don't have access to these items which will cause some initial teething problems.

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