🇬🇧 Raise your voice against error-prone real-time surveillance of your private online communications - there is still time to stop the EU‘s #chatcontrol plans. More information and what you can do: patrick-breyer.de/?page_id=594

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The US for the next 4 years.

“Group of Africans celebrate, hopeful, the fall of any of their rulers”

What is your choice after switching from #WhatsApp?

For improving @ademalsasa 's poll

Bientôt la Saint Valentin ! 🥰
Si vous souhaitez envoyez un cadeau en secret à votre amoureuse ou à votre amoureux, n'hésitez pas à m'indiquer directement l'adresse du destinataire ainsi que les mots doux que vous souhaitez que je glisse dans le colis. Vous pouvez le faire soit dans le formulaire de commande (tout en bas dans les instructions), soit en me laissant un petit message privé ici.


Tails 4.15 is out
This release fixes known security vulnerabilities.

- Update #Tor Browser to 10.0.9.
- Update #Thunderbird to 78.6.0.
- Update #Linux to 5.9.15. This should improve the support for newer hardware (graphics, Wi-Fi, etc.).

fixed problems:
- suppport for #ledger hardware wallets
- USB tethering for sharing mobile data on iOS 14 or later

You should upgrade as soon as possible.

The World Is Dangerously Dependent on Taiwan for Semiconductors


"As China pushes the world to avoid official dealings with Taiwan, leaders across the globe are realizing just how dependent they’ve become on the island democracy."

台灣有兩個國防部,一個叫MND,另一個叫TSMC :doge:

I am amazed, just abandoned #GoogleDrive and #Dropbox and implemented file synchronization via #Syncthing today. Works like a charm.

Tomorrow, Electronic Frontier Alliance member @RT4MN, and the rest of the @postmeMN coalition, will be hosting a Community Feedback Session on banning law enforcement use of face recognition in Minneapolis. eff.org/event/community-feedba

Things I want connected to the internet: Web browsers.

Things I don't want connected to the internet: Everything else.

Things I want to contain web browsers: Laptop, desktop, phone.

Things I don't want to contain web browsers: Everything else.

FROM TUNISIA: The daughter of the late Tunisian writer Houcine Kahouaji, Emna Kahouaji creates works inspired by his poetry: in constant dialogue, they are proof that art doesn’t end where mortal life does.

Funkmaster Flex - Friday Night Street Jams (Hot 97): January 30, 1993, New York, NY, USA hiphopradioarchive.org/show/15

I'm hearing about it for the first time as well. #goldbug

It seems like a network like tor or gnunet from a first look. Hopefully someone else can explain it better. From the looks, it seems promising and uses very advanced cryptography.


Let me fix that for you, Publico:
"Videoconferências e aplicações de encontros podem deixar de ser privadas e passar a ser monitorizadas na UE, não se vá dar o caso de alguma - eventualmente, porventura, quicá, nunca fiando - ter conteúdos menos próprios"

Hansel et Gretel chez les GAFAM! Ils seront bien accueillis.😉

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