J''ai pondu (ce n'est pas encore fini) une série de modèles de CV pour Writer de LibreOffice.
Ils ne sont mis en forme qu’en utilisant les styles. Tous les styles de paragraphes personnalisés sont basés sur le Style par défaut et le style Titre ainsi, éventuellement, que le style Listes.

Les explications figurent sur le modèle et dans les commentaires du fichier.

L'idée est d’avoir un document facile à faire évoluer.


#cv #modèles #libreoffice #writer

Libera il tuo Smartphone android!

è possibile scaricare la guida “Free your #Android smartphone” in francese e in inglese:

Il testo è in formato pdf ibrido cioè può essere modificato con #LibreOffice Draw, la traduzione in italiano è iniziata e si può scaricare da qui:


chi volesse contribuire alla traduzione può farlo su #etherpad (messo a disposizione da @devol) in modo da facilitare una traduzione collaborativa: etherpad.devol.it/p/free-smart

Imagine a world where governments fund open source programs, which become a public asset, instead of wasting millions in faulty vendor lock in proprietary software licenses with built-in backdoors that put privacy, operation critical structures and even lives at risk.


Smart AI-based cyber attacks, which can be state-based, are now a reality.

Most news articles about it manage to spin it blaming ,

instead of pointing out purpose made in hardware and software.


An analysis of the ongoing massive cyber attack on Australia finds mostly Microsoft vulnerabilities exploits.

Stop public spending on Microsoft.

Public Money, Public Code

Media blames China.


#microsoft has poured a lot of money (buyouts, ads) in an effort to hijack #gnu #linux -- do not let them get away with this!!!
It’s getting more and more difficult over time to perceive the @LinuxFoundation as spokesperson for #Linux http://techrights.org/2020/06/27/the-corporate-foundation/
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