I realized when I processed my ISS transit photos I forgot to do a stack of the entire transit! So here you go. There’s another solar transit here in a week that I’m looking to capture as well.

As a longtime space sim player, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is nifty but just makes me want to go replay X-Wing or Freespace. I've been playing it with my T-16000M but may need to just try a gamepad.

Great article. The US-Europe relationship is extremely important.
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“As China attempts to spread its authoritarian values across the globe, & especially as the competition between China and the US intensifies, Europe has conspicuously avoided siding with the US over China.” New piece from @AKendallTaylor & me in @Politico politi.co/2yV5fcg

This was a great episode. X-Wing is one of my formative gaming experiences - I missed Doom/Quake and jumped on the C&C train until Half-Life came out. Those games made me love mission based campaigns.
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This week, @The_Katbot and @jason_wilson join us to talk about the X-Wing series! And by "join us" I mean "do all of our work for us." They... know a lot about these games. retronauts.com/article/1276…

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LRT: Here are stars orbiting the 4 million solar mass black hole at the center of the Milky Way. This isn’t a simulation, it’s 21 years of observations. S0-2 hits a max speed of ~3% the speed of light.
Data/Viz: Prof Andrea Ghez, UCLA Galactic Center Group / W.M. Keck Telescopes

This is a mosaic of the Moon I made from four separate high resolution images. More of a test than anything but it came out really nicely.

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Look CLOSELY and you'll see Jupiter and Saturn on either side of the moon. Saturn is more difficult to see -- it appears smaller and not as bright as Jupiter. @wusa9@twitter.com @hbwx@twitter.com @TenaciousTopper@twitter.com @MiriWeather@twitter.com @LorenzoHall@twitter.com

Neat outflow from the storm around Columbia. cc @capitalweather@twitter.com

Here's the ISS transit of the Sun I recorded today!

In order, this is:
- A static shot from my 8" Schmitt-Cassegrain
- A video from the 8", full speed and 1/3 speed
- A static shot from my 80mm refractor
- A video from the refractor, full speed and 1/3 speed
- The telescope setup

This was pretty neat to setup - it's been a while since I used the solar filters, and this is the first time I've had both scopes up and running in the new observatory.


Managed to record the ISS going in front of the Sun with both of my telescopes! This is just a preview, I’ll post the actual video and images later, but I’m pretty excited!

Tetris Effect came out for PC, and has VR support… so I bought it, and yeah, it’s pretty much this.

There’s a solar transit of the ISS over Maryland this Friday that goes right over my house. I’m going to try and capture it, as long as the weather holds out. (See transit-finder.com for predictions)

One more photo from last night, a quick shot of the waning crescent Moon. The nice thing here is that because of the Sun angle, there are a lot more shadows on the Moon’s surface so you can see more detail than usual.

I’m not going to do any Jupiter imaging right now but I wanted to take a quick glance at it anyway.

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