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Important Working Lunch instructional slide RE introducing yourself

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to the guy who mansplained my career to me by renaming it “astrology” - to the girl in my college class asking me to tell her what her sign means - to every single person who “mixes up” astrology and astronomy: NO. one is science, and one is patently not. I do the former.

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Parents afraid to take their newborn infants outside.
Children hospitalized with entirely preventable illnesses.
A once eradicated disease spreading through communities “like wildfire.”

This is what a world without vaccines looks like. Via @bylenasun@twitter.com twitter.com/lennymbernstein/st

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A completely preventable + public health crisis that exists only because “being anti-vaccine is as acceptable as being vegan or going gluten free” in this community washingtonpost.com/national/he

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Calling all future female scientists, engineers, mathematicians & technologists! is hosting , a expo for elementary/middle school students March 10th. Experience STEM w/FREE hands-on activities, science shows, workshops & more! 🌟bit.ly/2WFUDsw

This is a good thread. I'm going to a conference next week and I can already feel some anxiety building. I definitely feel stressed at larger conventions I've been at. It takes extra mental effort to make it though them, which is something I just have to prepare for.
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A lot of people don’t talk about just how traumatic it can be to attend a research conference.

If you’re dealing with anxiety, stress or imposter sy…

Combat comm, getting it done. I would love to have gone on that trip.
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As Russia, China Encroach, Airmen Work to Expand Comms Network in Antarctica bit.ly/2FT1iJD via @Militarydotcom

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Sorted through all the videos and stills of the impact at the beginning of totality of this week's I've found, linking to about a dozen in skyweek.wordpress.com/2019/01/ - probably the best-observed lunar impact ever. Finding a fresh crater would be the icing on the cake.

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Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons LIVE: OFFICIAL Multi-cam Full Show: youtu.be/i-ArbE0bEQQ?a via @You@YouTube@twitter.com

OK, had to reupload this one. Shot of the from before the . Processed in PixInsight to bring out detail.

Here’s a shot of the full Moon before the eclipse. Same equipment as the previous shot. This has also been processed in PixInsight to bring out some of the details and highlights.

shot from just after maximum totality. This has been processed a bit in PixInsight to bring out some details and reduce noise. Celestron 8” SCT, Canon 7d Mk II, 1 sec @ ISO 1600.

Very interesting.. will have to check my photos! I didn’t take video but I did take a lot of 1-2 sec exposures during totality…
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Wow >>> reddit.com/r/space/comments/ai I've just checked in PS & the flashes from the 2 different feeds are in *exactly* the same location. Given there was *also* a visual obs I'd bet good money this was…

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There’s also some cool exoplanet science happening during the eclipse with @NASAHubble@twitter.com.

What can our own moon tell us about exoplanets, you ask? Well... (1/n) twitter.com/capitalweather/sta

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We have TOTALITY everyone... the moon is totally eclipsed. Check it out through 12:43a eastern (about the next hour). More info: wapo.st/2ATMLdC

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