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Part of the unwitting grand experiment of Mastodon is it totally reverses the typical majority/minority found nearly everywhere else.

If it makes you uncomfortable, consider that that's the same feeling marginalized demographics feel daily, *everywhere* (not just online)

Restoration of brain circulation and cellular functions hours post-mortem

A specialized technology can restore and preserve microcirculation and cellular functions hours post-mortem in an isolated pig brain.

Veeam Announces 1Q19 Results

Today Veeam announced its results for the first quarter of 2019. Being a private company we still don’t get any hard numbers. The company is however reporting double-digit growth for the quarter.

Weaponized USB devices as an attack vector

Trojanized HID devices as well as surveilling or malicious cables are serious threats that can be used to compromise even air-gapped systems.

Just hours after Apple and Qualcomm announce they are dropping the legal feud, we find out why.

Apple had no choice but to settle with Qualcomm – Intel exits 5G modem business

Say goodbye, Canada. The North Pole is moving to Russia.

Geophysicists tracking the Earth’s magnetic field say the pole is slipping into Siberian territory

Unaware he had measles, a man traveled from N.Y. to Michigan, infecting 39 people

How one traveler who contracted measles in New York City traveled to the Detroit area and got 39 people sick. And how health officials tracked him down to control the outbreak.

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Rhea! original/personal character for a potential sci-fi adventure comic I want to do.

A High‐Performance Self‐Regenerating Solar Evaporator for Continuous Water Desalination

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