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Part of the unwitting grand experiment of Mastodon is it totally reverses the typical majority/minority found nearly everywhere else.

If it makes you uncomfortable, consider that that's the same feeling marginalized demographics feel daily, *everywhere* (not just online)

Android smartphones for soldiers to replace maps and radios

British troops will be given “ruggedised” Android smartphones so that their battlefield locations can be automatically shared on digital maps, rather than being read out over radios.

Meet The Nuclear-Powered Self-Driving Drone NASA Is Sending To A Moon Of Saturn

Almost everyone who learns about the project thinks it sounds "crazy," admits one scientist. But the technology should work.

GitLab Raises $268M to Expand its Leading DevOps Platform to Security, Monitoring, and More

Customer success at leading enterprises like Delta Air Lines, Goldman Sachs, Nvidia, and TicketMaster fueled funding round

Trump is seriously, frighteningly unstable - the world is in danger

It is almost too late for impeachment. The 25th amendment is untested. The ballot box offers our only remaining hope

Can a Raspberry Pi 4 really replace your PC?

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a big step up in power - but is it good enough for me to use for everyday work at my desk? Let's find out.

204877 – [Regression] Linux 5.3 breaks connecting a DualShock 4 controller via bluetooth

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