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I learned about striking. I am very satisfied.

— Onget Ikalalåth, Wrestler

Beginning to get better at my mate game. The first cup is no longer undrinkably bitter.

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Stuck this to the window and now the world makes more sense.

Most of the time, they're absolute bastards though.

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Printers aren't always terrible ­— repaired our laser printer's solenoid (kept picking up multiple pages), and it went surprisingly smoothly.

110 bike kilometers today, so my butt doesn't feel neglected.

Ah, it's got that "freshly compiled firefox" smell!

On linux, it works with v4lloopback and gphoto2.

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Wer nannte es "Von C in eine speichersichere Sprache überführen"
und nicht

tbh, I could use more things made by a bunch of queer furries.
Rust is C if C was written by a bunch of queer furries.

Which is the highest compliment I think can give to a programming language.

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