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I can't play Spyfall with my husband because he knows my go-to/bluff when I'm the spy ("who's in charge here?!") and tells all the other players

like all people, I am desperately in love with Stanley Tucci

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they put Linux support into ChromeOS and now my netbook has a whole-ass email client installed!!!!!!

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manually changing the words my phone capitalises back to lowercase so i seem cool and mysterious on-line

Or, I guess I didn't learn anything new about K, really. But now I understand why she has a tattoo of Furiosa on her leg

Finally watched my friend K's favorite movie of all time -- Mad Max: Fury Road -- and now I have a lot of new appreciation for my friend K

I think my mp3 player arrives today! Now to begin the arduous months-long process of disentangling my music library from iTunes

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tbt when Apple accidentally announced an East Coast Thrash Metal album

My iPhone 7+ stopped working IN MY HANDS over a WEEK ago (WHILE I WAS TOOTING), and I was *going* to go to the AT&T store, but Ted was like "new iPhones unveil in a week" and I was like "........well that figures"

I wouldn't *get* another iPhone except I just got an Apple Watch ("I want 'The Ecosystem' in Goosebumps font," a friend typed to me yesterday)

me to Ted: "I hope you're watching the Apple announcement today so you can tell me what my new phone is gonna be and when to get in line for it"

I completed the prologue of Baldur's Gate and then immediately got eaten by a wolf, so that means I'm probably........ supposed to go to sleep now

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wild that Ghost in the Shell takes place in 2029 and How I Met Your Mother is set in 2030

Today my dog smells really tasty, like a packet of instant ramen

ha ha ha I just pretended to eat my dog's treat right in front of her and she looked so hurt

We ordered pizza so we could clean the house, but we ended up just sitting around eating pizza

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Look at him fight that tree monster!!!!! Let's get married all over again

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