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I bought a little stone Buddha and now Wayfair is recommending I also buy a stack of rocks

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I love that the dog and cat are both terrified of my face paint, but the OTHER cat, Jezebel, is just, like, SUPER into it. Like, not just "fine" with it, but INTO it

All the employees at my local bank branch are dressed like Grease!

On this let's remember the greatest song in the history of all horror videogames:

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I'm open for character commissions! DM or email me (see my bio) if you're interested or have any questions!


Me, amused: "Why are you taking photos of my Barbie?"

Ted, indignant: "THE Barbie?"

Me, suggestively: "OUR Barbie????"

Ted: "I mean, I guess it's your Barbie."

Me: "Oh no no no, it can be your Barbie too"

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Current status: quitting work for the night because a big spider just walked by

Ah, Snakebite! Takes me back to the summer of 1987. I can't believe these weren't more popular, either.

I'm pleased to announce that I have repurchased my best childhood friend, Vlobb. He was the smartest of the original three Boglins—the Donatello of the group, if you will

One of the things that still bugs me to this day is how Dade pronounced "AWOL" in the beginning of Hackers.

I am sitting downstairs in my office, working, but also listening to creepy thuds and bonking-around through the ceiling.

At first I was terrified, but then I remembered that it's just the Roomba, which recently started going off at 3am for no reason—perfectly normal, nothing terrifying about that at ALL

current status: watching a preteen's YouTube video so I can figure out how to set a keyboard shortcut

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