I apologize for not taking more pictures of my cat.

organizing redis conf in 2012 was my introduction to hosting problematic speakers because "they’re going to introduce 2.0 at our event!!!"

i'm just as shocked as you are that people still use redis

POCKETS. Aka, why I sometimes wear men's jeans even though they don't fit right. JESUS CHRIST JUST GIVE ME POCKETS.


Great dataviz, too.

Okay okay, I ate a pumpkin spice donut yesterday.

But it was my birthday and I was feeling adventurous.

My usual coffee shop is packed because it's raining and they're playing Jamiroquai so I'm really feeling ✨productive vibes. ✨

anyway ~~beware of male feminists and “people first” companies under capitalism~~



It's my birthday and the only thing I want to do is check into a hotel and sleep and do nothing and not talk out loud for a long, long time.

hi i'm jenn my superpower is manifesting a giant cold sore right after i've done something stressful and not one second before

I'm not a pumpkin spice girl (I’m a pumpkin pie and keep em coming girl) but duuuuuude, August is too soon

if you want to know how angry you can get over a shoe or a sock, have kids

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