Reminder: Privacy is your right. You shouldn't be exploited for using the internet.

Today is FOSS-North Community Day in Gothenburg. An insanely ambitious project by @e8johan and the rest of the FOSS-North people to span several projects in several locations the day before the actual FOSS North event.

So even though its not #FollowFriday I wanna suggest @e8johan as someone to follow on Mastodon. The dude is tireless, intelligent and above all charming AF with a passion for Open Source unrivaled.

260 people attending at in Gothenburg. For me this is the first time I can attend!

Have you been thinking about making an app for the Librem 5 but didn't know where to start?

I wrote a tutorial blog post for getting started with designing apps for GNOME mobile (and desktop too).

Start contributing to GNOME at Community day in #FossNorth. Reserve your seat on the wiki and join us. For more details check the page:

Project Delta is the new website.

Would like to release it next month 😁

Some highlights:

- The about page looks amazing
- An instance picker/registration experience unlike any other
- Help Center
- A custom translation platform tailor made for pixelfed with GitHub integration to encourage anyone to contribute translations
- Pixelfed Network Statistics
- Community Forum

Chalmers Conferences has helped us up the catering order so the number of available tickets for #fossnorth2019 are now 240 (34 left at the time of writing). Get yours while they're hot!

Not caring about privacy is often an indicator of privilege. But the surveillance and data abuse that happens to the poor and marginalized is a possible future for everyone.

A spectre is haunting our architecture, a new is rising from the ashes! Phoenix, the future ownCloud web interface, is in active development.
Contribute, if you want to profit from the know-how of our team!

I created a GoFundMe for helping me to buy the computer at

It's for a Librem 15 version 4 (Only if I get enough funds otherwise, any other ideas are welcomed). Thanks.

Any devs interested in porting the Mastodon streaming API from Node.js to Rust?

We would likely not be able to abandon the Node.js version completely for portability's sake, but there is no reason not to have a more performant drop-in for those who can install it.

The Node.js version consumes about 1GB of RAM for 21k connections.

our Founder and CEO Todd Weaver: "Given the growing importance of Purism’s mission amid the barrage of news about how large tech companies are surveilling and exposing their users, it seemed like an opportune time to share our origin story..."

Kashmir Hill: "Even though I don’t use any Windows machines, don’t own an Xbox, and don’t turn to Microsoft Office for document creation, the company still turns out to be tricky to block, not so much online, but in the real world..."

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