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So outrageous. Why would a character that has been fighting for freedom, liberty and the overthrow of tyrants for 6 years suddenly, when the war is basically over, go and target two civilian centres with nuclear bombs? Terrible writing. Makes no sense.

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Cost Benefit Analysis in today’s @australian@twitter.com

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Repost from nearly 2 years ago... came across it in one of my old gif folders

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Disney is really going all in on their alive action remakes... some leaked scenes from the classic episode "Keepy Uppy".

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sometimes i get sad and then i remember this video exists

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Yesterday, @Dave_Cochran@twitter.com gave me the best gift you can give a fellow conference attendee.

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This sketch rivals Blackadder Goes Forth in capturing the absurdity of war in a poignant way. The best use of comedy.


Today is ANZAC Day - Australia's day of commemoration. When I was a kid it was a sombre affair, but over the last thirty years it has gone in a nationalist, chest-beating direction. I love football, but despise how it is marketed around war this week.


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So. This was weird but cool: This kid asked if I had jumper cable. Of course I do. So I told Kyle I was stepping out and pulled my car over to his.

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Whenever I feel sad I think about these Amazon reviewers who were so legitimately confused about the legality of their official DVDs of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, not recognizing it as an artistic choice that fits the film

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The greatest zombie cast ever disassembled. Watch the trailer now for , a new film from @jimjarmusch@twitter.com. In theaters June 14th.

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This surely has to be the sort of thing @mrtobyhart@twitter.com lives for

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Have been obsessed with @rageABC@twitter.com for ages so I loved this piece by @jules_lefevre@twitter.com about the 30 best guest playlists ever junkee.com/longform/best-rage-

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I propose an extension to the Standard Model. What if science is simply yet to discover all of the marionic and warionic particles?

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