Moved my account to :D, this site is amazing. Like twitter b4 twitter became cool :)

I presented at Blackhat Asia, and here are the keynote slides:

(This was before insurance / cyber stuff went mainstream a few days later with the economist making it the big topic ;)

I feel like I'm going to wind up putting this server in a container and running my own

So, about this Mastodon thing (still learning):
- is to Mastodon what is to email,
- like in email @usernames are only unique within a given server,
- MAXLEN=500 here,
- enough people already asked about end-to-end encrypted DMs. There are no.
- no one asked about e2e signed toots though yet?
- if you believe you're trustworthy enough, consider using the ✅ character to let others know they can trust you.

If the infosec community continues to migrate at this rate, I'm not signing into Twitter anymore next month.


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