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Oh right, - I pay for stuff by writing hacky articles and copy and work on side projects in my free time. I Design a card game with friends, post weekly music-inspired haiku, etc.

I will prob post shit on these things

VCs are investing in NFT platforms.

That says more about VCs than NFTs.

Day 5: Death: ...For The Whole World To See: Some archeologists fight about the origins of musical instruments. It's not the same for this album and Death's mark on punk rock when you listen.

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Day 4: White Zombie: La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1: Slick, primal sleaze-metal w/ trashy intensity oozing out of every song. The monotony is saved by the punctuations of exploitation movie samples like the devil's ad-libs. Faster, slimebag, kill!

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Day 3: PJ Harvey: Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea: A love letter to urban life that reaches out to you. Nightlife, seediness, longing - Polly Jean makes the alt-rock strumming intimate, even with that widespread appeal.

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Day 2: Doves - The Universal Want: Long time since Kingdom of Rust, and the sound is like they shook off a lot of it. Not overly ornate, but the expansive melody and Goodwin's anguish makes a luster that washes out the dull.

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Day 1: Television - Marquee Moon: The title track is a dizzying piece that mesmerizes you, while the remaining songs are improvisational post-punk to their core. Decades onward, and there's still a lot on the album that's fresh.

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Kinda funny how the quarantine got Trent Reznor looking like the grizzled version of himself circa Pretty Hate Machine era in this cover of “Fashion”

Ariel Pink about to become the Goya Foods of indie rock thanks to Fox News

Just found out there's an RW/ anti-COVID instance here in masto. I'm gonna assume Parler just was too hardcore for them?

" The solution to the farm crisis and the solution to the climate crisis are, to a large degree, the same: a decreased dependence on high-emission petro-industrial farm inputs and an increasing reliance on ecological cycles, biology, energy from the sun, and the knowledge, wisdom, and judgment of farm families on the land."

National Farmer's Union (Canada)


Svelte disgusted rail
Peising grimly and worldly
Corny helplessness


Btw, hi - how has this pandemic hellscape been working for you?

The pandemic has made me sink into a slow spiral of depression and binging stupid youtube sketch comedy. I honestly have no issue with the latter.

Masto seems like a weird place to have far-right bootlickers going rah-rah-rah about federal agents grabbing people off the streets, but whatever I guess.


Hablamos de la policía americana como si la española no hubiera matado a nadie en la frontera, como si no torturara en comisaría y no apaleara en manifas.


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