Found a bug in Neo4j for some functionality I need to make federated search work, reported it, and it turns out it was fixed *3 days ago* and will be in the next release. 😂

I've been developing this whole thing using ngrok for my Mastodon instance to reach out to to confirm my identity and verify post signatures and stuff, which is hilarious because now my account's notifications tab on that server looks like this

Overall I'm really impressed with how flexible Crystal+Neo4j are together. Adding support for image attachments took like 18 lines of code and 9 of them were:

struct Attachment
type: String,
name: String?,
value: String?,
url: String?,
media_type: String?,

Thinking I might just keep it as server-rendered HTML that you manually click through to the next page. This way you never lose your place if your mobile browser kills the tab. A timeline URL (except the top-level one) would always show you the same posts.

There are some interesting findings I'll blog about and post the link here.

Building an ActivityPub server with Crystal and Neo4j. I've already gotten it to handle a few different messages from my Mastodon instance.

I think I've got enough of it working to put together a front end for it. I'll post the code on GitHub soon.

Why are decent duffel bags $30 but a similar-quality backpack is 3-5x that price?

#welcome to the Fediverse, new people!

Please keep the tone appropriate to our founding principles.

Looking into ActivityPub to play around with building a Mastodon-like app in Crystal. Seems like a funky mix of REST and JSON-flavored SOAP.

for Halloween, here's somebody that (functionally!) dressed up a flash card as a floppy disk. 💾 ❤️

Been working on a Crystal API for RSA encryption. Wow, I'd forgotten what a hot mess the OpenSSL C API was.

But I've got key generation/loading, encryption, decryption, signing, and signature verification going.

Also, I decided to try pulling in federated toots from an ActivityPub relay and in 12 hours I had 1GB of media stored so maybe I don't want to do that.

Mostly it was an experiment to run Mastodon on Kubernetes on DigitalOcean. I'm pretty impressed with it. The only downside is that hiredis doesn't support SSL, so I had to provision my own Redis box instead of using DO managed Redis.

I should post the k8s config after I get all the ENV vars extracted into ConfigMaps.

Started up my own instance — I'm not sure how serious I am about it (hence the domain name). Might move myself over there if I decide I like it, though.

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