Two years ago this week HNR and I took a sweeping trip from San Diego up through LA and into Portland for our anniversary.

Ah, that feeling when a @Facebook coding error reveals that, yes, @instagram is taking secret photos of you.

If you look closely you will see a photo of me, taken by my @NBCOut work phone, as I fiddled with our Instagram feed. That is not a photo I took.

Instagram, u creepy

Heads up: Smuggler's Cove in SF is having their annual breast cancer donation event next week on Tuesday, Jan 8th, from open to close (5pm until whenever). ALL tip money garnered that night will be dropped off to the Speed Rack competition on Sunday, Jan 13th. Should you go? Heck yes you should.

* Smugco:
* Speed Rack:

WARNING: windows has detected a virus in your compu--- WARNING: windows has detected two viruses insi--- WARNING: windows has detected that two viruses are inside your computer and they are about to battle like godzilla and mothra, in your computer

it's time to soak some peas and probably fine a pebble or two. HNY, y'all.

and then there was that time when we were ABSOLUTE IDIOTS and took three kids to Disneyland and then had a wonderful time.

"Heard you were talkin shit bout me like I wouldn't hear"

(taken at Dublin's Natural History Museum June, 2015)

And if none of those are your message, you're still a shitheel for spraying this all over the city: don't use the sidewalks as your personal pulpit, that's a coward's billboard.

In short, knock this shit off, go sit in the corner, and think about the message you're ACTUALLY sending with this dreck.

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Maybe what you meant to say was, "*I* hate Techies", which I'd understand and in a lot of ways agree with (or perhaps "Queers hate Gentrification" which I get and see that it doesn't really scan well in the spray template you're using).

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