A man goes to the psychiatrist and says, “Doctor, I’m miserable all the time. What should I do?” And the Doctor says, “Go see Pennywise the clown. He can cheer anyone up.” 

We recorded the sessions and took some notes. Hard to scrive wirh just two, but wilo post everything in a bit. See everyone next week.

Instead of new JS-based built-in components we need more things like grids, flexbox, and position: sticky that are implementing UI basics in CSS instead of JS.

IMHO and all that.

Another session idea I have for Summit, "API 101: Come teach us to do more than just copy and paste a token"

If you are rich AF and care about democracy, climate crisis, DREAMers, women's reproductive rights or any other issue facing us just set up fund to pay Florida's new poll tax on minorities thehill.com/homenews/state-wat

Dunbar's number
means so little
in our networked society
or will we collapse on
our connections?
Do I really only interact
with 150 of thousands I follow and
the thousands that follow me
are we connected at all?
Dunbar was right

I am trying to just add "u-in-reply-to" got to here: forum.getkirby.com/t/how-do-i- walking away for the day from my @getkirby experiment. Will get back to trying webmention plugins tomorrow.

I am thinking I should make a snippet for reply urls since I want them anywhere

Take deep blue piece paper -- not quite night-blue and not day-blue. Something in-between. Mix silver, gold and white paint. Add a hint of orange. Begin with a dot on the not-night not-day blue page, using fingers to smoosh and fuzzy up the edges of the imperfect circular shape. The focus center should shine. The edges should shimmer. That is the Sun right now, outside, as dawn unfolds. It's a piece of art hanging in the sky, like some imaginative child drew it and left it behind.

I finally figured out how to do a collapsible nav on my website: jgregorymcverry.com/ I was trying to do this with just CSS Grid and flexbox but decided to add a bit of javascript...it is the first bit I added. I hope it ain't a slippery slope.

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