Wow @dshanske back at it and already addressed the bugs in last release of post-kind plugin. @mrkndvs @johnjohnston Please update to  3.1.1 and let us know if you bump into issues.  

If you read the change log Dave tackled a ton of issues in 3.1.0. Always looking for more WordPress developers to play along.

Microformats still going strong in the IndieWeb community. Folks who decided to ignore the corporate web and build off our own domains know the power of simple Metadata in HTML. Not caring about SEO is awesome.

I indulge in words,
Feckless shadows
At best of what may be.
Take Revolution, a word
For which I have no love,
But know as whisper, too,
And in sad tales of family
Regret and eating bitterness,
Which lived as hope
Now deemed delusion.
Revolution isn’t big enough
To satisfy what Need demands:
A space to stretch fair joy;
And too childish
For the girl children I know
Whose braids want happier faces
And prettier clothes than 中山裝.
I listen there anyway.
But I’ve heard the words before.

i know i am the same jenn at 33 as i was when i was 23 and 13 and 3 because i still would rather eat my own ass than pay for powerpoint

I am loving your progress! Even if you don't add the microformats2 plugin(which probably wouldn't work) or want to keep current theme you should add the h-card to your page. There is a widget. You can put in sidebar or footer. I can help you hand code if you need it.

@Jessifer hope you can us for webmentions versus zombies: or at least spread the word. Haven't picked date yet.

Looking I don't see any microformats and I scrolled through list and I don't see the microformats2 plugin. You can try it but it s hard to get correct metadata.

WordPress works best with SemPress,ZenPress, or 2016-IndieWeb

Looks like haven't captured examples: but Iknow folks use guestbook will ask in chat. Peopleuse mention pages but feel like guestbook requires signer no page on counters

@benwerd wondering if you can give Loqi admin rights for Knownchat, the IRC spam lately set off code red protocls:

Clint hit me up anytime with @wordpress questions.

Box you see is from webmention plugins. It is for people who do not have plugins to send a manual webmention.

You can change text in webmention settings in IWC menu.

UX of Parenting: Teething

In every start-up we have sleepless nights. Yet nothing kept us up more than the pain of trying to add new data processing servers to each of the three instances we added to

Yeah that one confused the heck out of me. Had visions of super bugs

When is a Pic is a Photo: Lingering Questions About Post Type Discovery

Content Warning: Super nerdy, not education stuff. Feel free to go back and make us more super nerds.

I asked a question today about why some people felt post types, meaning having templates for each different kind of posts like a note, photo, or article was an inferior method to post type discovery.

Happy to help anyone try our blogging, feed readers, Google+ exit plan, or anything for the next hour or so.  just ping @jgmac1106 across the web. Students can drop in for help as well.

@dogtrax you are probably off to school but with you can only (which is still awesome) add webmentions. If you want all the plugins you need to be on Happy to make you a subdomain as a sandbox.

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