Even though she dropped out of the race last night, we had Amy Klobuchar's hot dish for dinner to celebrate Super Tuesday. Very good even if a little rich (like many hot dish recipes). Hoping we'll have occasions to celebrate with her hot dish in the future.

Trying to read a paper on blockchain-based identity management. Anxious to understand how they will solve the problems they cite with conventional identity management. Skeptical.

Just sold a lot of old ham radio equipment I haven't used in decades to a used equipment dealer. Both happy to be rid of the clutter and a bit sad to no longer have it, especially the things that were Dad's.

@bortzmeyer I just noticed your blog on REQUIRETLS/RFC 8689. Excellent summary, merci!

Yay! No studio surveillance this Christmas Eve: brother-in-law decided his “smart speaker” isn’t all that useful.

Just finished a blog series on our recent trip to Japan and Singapore. First article is at altmode.org/2019/12/05/japan-s

On the subject of gifts: Regardless of how you feel about DNA testing, DNA test kits are terrible gifts. Whether or not to submit to testing is a very personal decision, and gift recipients shouldn’t feel pressured to do so.

Does anyone make stickers for the front door warning visitors that audio surveillance devices (Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.) are in use in the home? I want to give some as gifts.

@timburks somehow your picture doesn’t seem to show up on my client

I support Hong Kong. I hate the idea that China can censor people by remotely applying pressure. Go ahead, blacklist me and Altmode Networks from doing business in China. It's fine.

A red corvette stopped in front of our house to make a food (Chipotle) delivery to our next-door neighbor. Only in Silicon Valley?

At a white elephant gift exchange the other day with $25 limit, there were three Echo Dots. Had me weighing packages to make sure I didn’t get a surveillance device.

Echofon not working today, may have been killed by . I and others will probably be here much more if that turns out to be true.

Several mentions of Mastodon today at the Internet Identity Workshop.

Had a power failure during today. Lighting was interesting before the emergency lights kicked in.

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