A red corvette stopped in front of our house to make a food (Chipotle) delivery to our next-door neighbor. Only in Silicon Valley?

At a white elephant gift exchange the other day with $25 limit, there were three Echo Dots. Had me weighing packages to make sure I didn’t get a surveillance device.

Echofon not working today, may have been killed by . I and others will probably be here much more if that turns out to be true.

Several mentions of Mastodon today at the Internet Identity Workshop.

Had a power failure during today. Lighting was interesting before the emergency lights kicked in.

@Gargron Getting this error from Firefox (59.0.2 on Mac) accessing mastodon.social/web/getting-st. Thought you might want to know.

Started following HackerNewsBot. Now it's hard to find any other toots on my timeline.

Difference between 'private' and 'secret': this sign wouldn't have been there If the breakfast was secret.

Not watching the Big Game because I don't want to watch a bunch of guys give each other concussions (and perhaps chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Instead, I have some Ikea furniture to assemble! :)

Tired of push notifications from mobile apps that boil down to "use our app".

Looks like the fixed the problem with home timelines of inactive users blanking out. Hope mastodon.social picks up this fix soon! github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

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Is dead ? No replies to any of my recent toots even with 59 followers (which is not many but not zero either), even when I respond to people I have no answer...
And my home timeline is getting emptier and emptier...

My home timeline keeps showing up as empty. Wonder if others are seeing that.

Well, not entirely empty any more since my own toot is there...

Hmm, my "home" timeline is empty even though I'm following people who are tooting. Wonder why.

Sad about the impending closure of local bike shop I do business at. Once again, a local business can't keep up with escalating rents in Silicon Valley.

Wow, has my timeline gotten quiet. Guess I haven't been contributing much either, though.

Happy Canada Day, everyone. While I'm not there for (and wish I could be), I was there (parents took me) for -- although we didn't have hashtags then. I also just realized that Mom was born in Canada only 3 weeks after .

Trying to transfer pictures between two Windows 10 machines using Homegroup. This is so easy to use (not) that I'm just going to use USB sticks.

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