We had an extra participant in my outdoor exercise class this morning.

I remember Mom teaching me the rhyme:

The 24th of May
is the Queen’s birthday
and if you don’t give us a holiday
we’ll all run away!

Enormously proud of our daughter Celeste who received both a BFA in Theatre Technology and a BA in History at University of Colorado Boulder this week!

Pro tip: if you’re going to post a QR code for something, don’t print it on shiny paper or laminate it.

I’m shocked that there was a leak. But I’m not at all surprised by the content of the leak. It’s unfortunately exactly what I expected the current SCOTUS would decide.

Almost every time I switch the TV to CNN, it’s the middle of a commercial break. That says something about the ratio of commercial to content.

First airplane trip since the mask mandate was cancelled by a judge. Looks like a little less than half are wearing masks (including me), about what I expected.

I just noticed that JoinDiaspora, where my (very inactive) Diaspora account is located, has closed. How does one pick a new server? I don't want to just gravitate to a megaserver somewhere and contribute to an overload.

Interesting that my Apple Music subscription costs twice as much as my Apple TV subscription. I didn't expect that.

Leftover phone cards from a European trip a couple decades ago. These cards are probably useless, but almost too attractive to throw away.

What I need is a cross-reference from birdsite usernames to Mastodon usernames/sites so I know where to find people. Has anyone created one yet?

Why do I get redirected to joinmastodon.org every time I try to access mastodon.social from my desktop browser?

I’ll be wearing my mask on my next flight in a couple of weeks. Wondering how many people will tell me I can/should take it off.

April rain in Silicon Valley. Unusual but very welcome this year in particular.

Even though she dropped out of the race last night, we had Amy Klobuchar's hot dish for dinner to celebrate Super Tuesday. Very good even if a little rich (like many hot dish recipes). Hoping we'll have occasions to celebrate with her hot dish in the future.

Trying to read a paper on blockchain-based identity management. Anxious to understand how they will solve the problems they cite with conventional identity management. Skeptical.

Just sold a lot of old ham radio equipment I haven't used in decades to a used equipment dealer. Both happy to be rid of the clutter and a bit sad to no longer have it, especially the things that were Dad's.

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