Seems that Musk has gone all Trumpy on Twitter. He’s talking about the Steele dossier and Hillary. Smells like someone has a dossier on Elon and he’s been forced to lend out his Twitter login to Jabba the Loser.

A web site designed for one person that aggregates functionality (don’t thing “app” but plug-in style “features”) is the idea behind the Small Web:

#smallWeb #smallTech #singleTenant #personal

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Minecraft launcher is being a dork right now.

I keep getting messages that it can't get my account information.

Then, after installing OptiFine, it was refusing to recognize I owned the product.

Now, it inexplicably realizes I do indeed own it.


I’ve wondered this same thing about photos of Japan for years, and he nailed it.

Wordle 332 5/6


16 May 1871 the workers and soldiers of the Paris commune tore down the Vendôme column: a monument to war which was topped with a statue of Napoleon. Learn more about the commune in this book of writings by participants:

There are more of us who don't want a Supreme Court like this. We have to turn up everywhere and anywhere to fight it and show up to vote, in every election from local to President.

Majority now disapproves of Supreme Court’s performance in wake of abortion leak: poll-

Keep it clean, Wordle 327 4/6


I love the smell of freedom in the morning. It smells like COVID. (cough)

The downsides of a world with billionaires in it are well-rehearsed: billionaires can convert their vast wealth to power, and use that power to turn their whims and pet theories into policy failures that affect millions - or even billions - of people.

Take Bill Gates. Forget all the conspiracy theories about Gates and vaccines - it's bizarre that people bother to make up those fairy-tales when the truth is so much worse.


To say there was a beginning would clearly be holding on to a dogma. How can that which is dependently co-arisen have a first and a last?

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Those who do not see reality believe in samsara and nirvana, but those who see reality believe in neither.

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