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It seems like Apple has a new utility that kind of reminds me of Icon Library :P

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If the caps lock key didn't already exist and someone proposed it, it would seem like an insane idea.

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“I can’t believe we decided to just let the pandemic happen,” says a nation that responds to every mass shooting with thoughts and prayers.

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In case anyone else wants to play around with MacOS Big Sur type icons in Blender, here's a quick one I made for fun: dropbox.com/s/8g9u5x58xv2oidj/

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Did I see MacOS is finally getting header bars?

I wrote about some of the ongoing GNOME Shell UX work: blogs.gnome.org/shell-dev/2020

There's some very cool stuff cooking in GNOME Shell land, stay tuned!

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I love Nolan films, and I think it’s ingenious that for this latest one, there’s an option (presumably for hardcore fans) to ratchet up the tension by risking one’s life in order to see it. twitter.com/tenetfilm/status/1

My friend did not understand why I’m smiling at his 2003 E cclass Mercedes button.

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Přiznám se, že se hodně divím, že největší inflace v EU, poslední místo v žebříčku vývoje korupce, úpadek v žebříčku svobody tisku, absence důchodové reformy, žádný plán pro vyjednávání v EU a 500 miliard sekera, se líbí jen 31,5 % voličů. Čekal bych tak 50 %.

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Does anyone I know (or don't know) work on game UI/UX and want to help out for a small game I'm working on? Need both design and artwork done, will pay if I can afford to (not expecting any free or discounted work) RTs appreciated I guess?

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While the rest of the world wrings their hands over bike safety, the Dutch are quietly—and quite happily—living their lives on two wheels.

They are undeniable proof that cycling itself isn’t a dangerous activity; it’s the car-first street design that often makes it so.

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Na malé živnostníky musí být přísnost. Pro soukromé finanční zájmy premiéra je ale státní správa ochotna soudit se třeba i s Evropskou unií. Rozdílný přístup represivních orgánů k mocným a bezmocným bije do očí a zvyšuje palčivý pocit nespravedlnosti. echo24.cz/a/SiCMg/pres-tisic-z

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Standing for the protest at the corner of Roosevelt and Washington, and this Auschwitz survivor drove by to show her support for Black Lives. She wanted me to see the number tattooed on her arm. “There all sons of bitches”, she said. “You should see what they did to my brother.”

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I have spent a bit of my lazy weekend morning making GNOME Characters adaptive

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@flcnhvy @elonmusk I believe that one of the issues is the privatised prision system, each inmate is a pay check for the corporation. A person federally charged for possesion of a small amount of weed is a low risk but high reward acquisition! 🙄

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