It's easy to dismiss the launch of project as a bunch of simple GNOME apps, no big deal. It's important to realize it was a giant push to have a viable developer workflow to developing, publishing and being able to maintain an app with zero lag.

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Exciting! This makes defining what GNOME is more clear, and it also supports people doing great work for GNOME to become GNOME Foundation members with eligible support for travelling, etc.

btw, as a non-native speaker, I'm proud of one of my contributions to this: The name 😀

@bilelmoussaoui has been doing incredible, awesome work not only on gtk-rs but for GNOME in general. We owe him several cool applications, and at least in part the ability to write GTK applications in Rust.

If you can support him, even by just buying him a coffe, please do!

Thanks for all the invisible work behind the scenes Bilal

Nezajem a absolutni absence empatie kolem na me doleha jeste vic nez to sedo za okny :(
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Přednášky nahrávat nebudeme, pokud vykonáváte pracovní povinnost, nezajímá nás to, navíc vám ještě za každou absenci napaříme esej.

V 6.r. se mě to sice už netýká, ale všímám si, že někteří medici už nemají sílu, nervy a hlavně čas bojovat a rozčilovat se. no longer sports awkward robotic hands. It's gonna need a bit of tweaking, but it's much better now.

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Well I got Builder's development branch running on macOS again. It will be quite fun getting this project ported to GTK 4.

Having trouble figuring out why the RX100M3 I use for overhead cam would only send nice 1080P quality when you depress shutter and go into interlaced(?) poor quality as soon as you release it. Help appreciated :)

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@gcpascutto @cpeterso We ship a Flatpak now. People should use that.

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It's only called raytracing if it's from the Monte Carlo region of Europe, otherwise it's just sparkling rasterization.

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My GTK4 talk at LAS is here:
In the Q&A, somebody suggested to make gtk4-demo available as flatpak, and voilá:

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Some fast realtime lens flares... proof of concept. Wish I was better with math and normals. Eevee. I'll link the file in reply

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Yay! I will be presenting two talks in @gnome_asia!

* Developing native desktop applications with @GTKtoolkit
We'll write an app live to show how easy it is.

* @BoxesGNOME Virtualization made simple
I'll show how devs can leverage it in their workflow.

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