Nostalgia, my tiny app for easily setting historic GNOME default wallpapers, has been ported to GTK4 and Libadwaita thanks to @maximiliano.

Get it from Flathub:

The GTK 4 & libadwaita port of App Icon Preview done by Maximiliano during the last Google Summer of Code got released.

Seriously, the Chrome team just landed a patch that lets sites block "View Source" _right in the middle_ of the Chrome Dev Summit.


I.e. elementary is absolutely a different entity and project from GNOME. We (elementary) talk about our relationship with them (GNOME).

But when I attend a GNOME conference or hackfest? It’s *us* working on what *we* see as the vision forward—not *me* attending *their* event.

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After a year passed, I realized that I never made a blog post to announce Solanum. So yeah, here’s that:

This week’s update is massive! So many interesting things were announced that’s too difficult to pick highlights! How about you read them all and tell us which ones you would have picked?

📢 This Week in GNOME #15 "Sepia and App Updates" is online now!

The new issue contains news about libadwaita, Shortwave, Health, Fractal, Dialect - and much more!

If you want to know all updates / changes, make sure to check out the current issue #14 "Well-Rounded"!

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I've been working on a little demo app for the rust portals library ashpd and I finally released it on Flathub.

Source code is at

GNOME Software 41 is coming, and it's going to make your app look a lot better... if your app metadata is good ;)

I wrote a little guide with the most important things to consider:

Thanks in advance for updating your metadata!

Conditioned to never forgive Michael Mann for high framerates, I am slowly getting used to portrait video not being the satan.

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