I find it a bit weird that the 'home' column of the Mastodon UI is so small.

Is there another client I should be using?

Working on a project to bring transparency to Facebook advertising in UK general elections: whotargets.me

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“Well he said, you’ll be the greatest president in the history of, but you know what, I’ll take that also, but that you could be. But he said, will be the greatest president but I would also accept the other. In other words, if you do your job, but I accept that. Then I watched him interviewed and it was like he never even was here. It’s incredible. I watched him interviewed a week later and it’s like he was never in my office. And you can even say that.”
- Donald J. Trump

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So, who is working on branding, logo and identity for the OStatus network *as a whole*? Mastodon is a nice name and has a logo, but it's a server, not the network. We shouldn't be saying "I'm on Mastodon", but "I'm on OStatus". But it needs a friendlier brand. How do we do this in a decentralised way? It's like trying to rebrand the concept of email.

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Are you a print designer interested in new, better politics? We would love your help producing an election leaflet!

Any tips on how to discover people to follow?

Is there an index of mastodon instances somewhere?

Some thoughts on understanding digital space by thinking of it as physical space.

What if your privacy settings meant your neighbours could see into your bedroom?

medium.com/@jimmytidey/if-the- mastodon.social/media/Dd4YntSU

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scientists spent 2 years training this bird to play saxophone. and all it does now is play its normal bird song, except on saxophone

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Further to my rant on the 🐦 place - is there a URI Scheme for Mastodon?
I know I can link to a specific message via URL - and to a specific user - but is that the only way?
Just saying "@whoever@whatever.tld" doesn't give a UA any information that it's specifically Mastodon related.
Or am I being dense?

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Now Hiring
Sr. Mastodon Administrators

Position requires 7-10 years experience with Mastradon and related technologies.

Must be willing to relocate to mastrodrome.city

dangillmor@mastodon.cloud saw from my Twitter you've got involved...

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It's kinda weird to think about a social network where businesses own their own presences, rather than relying on a capricious third party service like Twitter or Facebook. Imagine NBC or The Verge running a Mastodon instance for their reporters to toot from, or Bethesda operating an instance for PR and customer support. No more lost business when Facebook changes their algorithms again because they need more money from boosted posts.

Weird, right?

What happened to the thing that suggests new people to follow?

I've written something about Mastodon on opendemocracy.net:

What would Twitter be if it adopted Wikipedia’s politics?


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