Just realized like 80% of my toots are me being dumb and asking for stuff I should just figure out myself. I don’t miss Twitter I do miss that circa 2008 dynamic tho.

Talk to me about serverless. AWS exhausts me, Google Cloud feels like I’m constantly being sold something, Azure I dunno. Cloudflare Functions? Zeit? Bonus if I can write Python.

I have a small project in mind, don’t want to mess with servers and envs and junk.

Is there such a thing as a share sheet extension (the options you get on iOS when you hit that share arrow, like “Send to Instapaper”) that’s basically a webhook? I want to define the endpoint and then do something with the payload server side. Bonus if I can define a few fields at share time. Do Shortcuts do this?

Mast it is.

The AVI seems to be in a state of suspended sparklemation.

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Uh Tootdon is going away? What do we use to toot on iOS these days? Will I lose my sparkly avi?!?!?

I have: a latest gen LTE Apple Watch. Nike Run club app. Spotify. AirPods.

I want to go for a run without my phone, listen to the Nike coach, play music. Is this possible? I can’t sort out how.

@jimray AND ANOTHER THING! If you subscribe to magazine that’s a subset of News Plus, but don’t subscribe to Plus, there’s no longer any way to link to that subscription.

Which is probably for the better since News Plus now breaks things like Instapaper.

So News went from an ok product with a lot of potential to another tech giant kicking the news industry while it’s down and building a shittier experience for readers. Harumphf.

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A thing that happens to me several times a week:
Get an Apple News alert. Tap in. Read a bit, click a link, go back, go back too far to the News home screen, lose the story forever.

There’s no history (that I’m aware of?) and Apple seems more interested in upselling their not-very-good subscription service over making the app useful.

News could be a decent product, as it stands it’s a pretty half-baked interface to their Services revenue pillar.

What’s the big deal about that Zuckerberg deep fake anyway? He’s already the uncanny valley of people, try something difficult.

I keep seeing things like “Apple has already deprecated Catalyst” but I don’t know what that means. Is it because now you can write an app using SwiftUI and {OTHER STUFF} that’s better than porting your app from iPad to Mac?

The Mac Pro has wheels? I guess they didn’t cancel Project Titan after all

Is a joke that probably killed on Twitter 8 hours ago

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I’ve collected these for many years, and their time has finally come. I present to you the rise and fall of iTunes, told via its own error messages.


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@jimray to answer my own question here: the Washington Post has both a serviceable ebook version and a bound print copy with analysis, perfect for in-law trolling.

A bit more here: teleread.org/2019/04/20/muelle

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Is there a decent print version of Le Report de Mueller? I need to add a copy to the bookshelf in the guest room I use to taunt my father in law.

Also is there a .mobi version or something that doesn’t require constant zooming in and out on a phone?

Ok I picked up some airbuds and I’m using the Spotify mobile app for really the first time and wow. What a piece of fucking garbage!

This Bad Plus Joshua Redman album isn’t new or anything but I have been enjoying it this winter


Every yacht rock song was just trying to be Herbie Hancock’s “Watermelon Man”

@shanecyr Have we ever discussed Peter Gabriel’s oeuvre? I feel like we should have by now.

Lol. As we surfed for something to watch last night, I literally said “I have zero desire to watch a choose your own adventure movie but will Instapaper the inevitable WIRED puff piece on how it was made”

(Btw BIRD BOX wasn’t all that great)

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