Ok I picked up some airbuds and I’m using the Spotify mobile app for really the first time and wow. What a piece of fucking garbage!

This Bad Plus Joshua Redman album isn’t new or anything but I have been enjoying it this winter


Every yacht rock song was just trying to be Herbie Hancock’s “Watermelon Man”

@shanecyr Have we ever discussed Peter Gabriel’s oeuvre? I feel like we should have by now.

Lol. As we surfed for something to watch last night, I literally said “I have zero desire to watch a choose your own adventure movie but will Instapaper the inevitable WIRED puff piece on how it was made”

(Btw BIRD BOX wasn’t all that great)


How does one RSS Read these days? I guess I want a decent iOS app and something that syncs reads and probably a web app. Is that like Feedly on the backend and ...

Guess I have to turn in my cranky old web dev card since I think it’s pretty great Microsoft is replacing EdgeHTML with Chromium. (Though I do wish they’d picked WebKit)

I’m, I think it’s fair to say, categorically skeptical about Silicon Valley, especially it’s near deification of dudes. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed this profile of the two Googlers who created Map Reduce (among other tech) and set Google on the path that led to where it is today.

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Here's something I wrote about filing my first Freedom of Information Act request bert.org/2018/11/18/flying-for

“Please go see this thing even if it’s bad” is a level of wokeness I hope to never aspire

I made four trips to the NYC board of elections office to make sure I was registered. The final time they seemed to have me so I requested an absentee ballot. Vote.org still didn’t see me as registered after the deadline passed, which made me nervous.

My absentee ballot showed up yesterday!

It’s too hard to vote in New York

Is there such a thing as a decent road trip app? I want to make a list of places, with some notes, and see it on a map. Google kinda does this. 4sq is miserable outside of big cities. Yelp is ... yelp.

If you keep Safari shortcuts in a folder on your home screen, switching back to home from Safari closes the folder. This isn’t the case for apps in a folder, ie the folder stays open. This annoys me. Thank you for listening.

Fixed a typo in a Slack DM from July. Follow me for more of these exciting tips on how to become a thinker, a tastemaker, and a very important business person.

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Hello! My talk from CornCon 2018 is now online. It is called "The history of cron" and is given in the character of a man who gradually realizes he is not speaking at CronCon, a conference about the UNIX time-based scheduling software, but rather at CornCon, a conference about the popular grain known as "maize" in many parts of the world.


Late capitalism ads I saw today

A game show where the winner has their student dept paid off. Presumably there’s a loser who does not?

A couch with a built in USB port.

Another step closer to being a Real New Yorker: a line was forming at the turnstile that kept rejecting people’s MTA passes. Mine worked, I opened heroically the gate.

There’s a guy on this flight who looks A LOT like Sergey Brin but he’s playing with his child not trying to stuff her into an overhead bin so I’m pretty sure it’s not him.

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