New laptop sticker. 😍

Big thanks to @jjardon and the rest of the team.

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Just as a reminder, we are the official GamingOnLinux account (I've seen a few other possibly fan accounts?) - Liam.

Hello Mastodon! Here is a fancy logo for -sdk

Today has been added to 💪 👍 This is awesome as it will help spread the word about Tutanota as a secure email alternative to . And while at it, make sure to get our Android app from @fdroidorg to fully get rid of ! 😁🎉

#Translator, this is a perfect weekend for contribution: you have until Monday for #translation of the #GNOME 3.30 release :)

No worries, it is impossible not to find something to do!

Programmer friends: Many of us have deeply-ingrained habits of making fun of whichever languages, tools, OSes, etc we don't personally use. Please don't. I highly recommend reading Aurynn Shaw's essay on "Contempt Culture", which I have to revisit myself periodically:

Awesome News:
- TPM by default & included for free
- German keyboard now available
- FREE international shipping on all orders


There is a flatpak for nestopia, a NES emulator. After giving it permissions for /dev so it can access the joystick, it works perfectly.

Given that emulators have absolutely shit installation procedures, that this worked on the first try is pretty magical.

📈 This week €1139 and $77 have been donated by 789 patrons to 265 creators and projects. Compared to last week that's a 47% increase in total value transferred and a 53% rise of the number of donors! Join us too on

Boost if you think trains are the best method of transit.


In Windows Vista and later, the affected component is a core OS piece - it should be updated via Windows update very shortly, if it hasn't already been fixed. Don't use Window XP or older.

Most Linux distros should be shipping a fixed wpa_supplicant shortly. Apple will probably update the iPhones soon as well.

Android phones… are still a problem.

Gnome 3.26 is available in the stable repository (and Gnome-shell package has gone into 3.26.1 version)

#gnu #linux #arch #archlinux #gnome #gnomeshell

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