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as someone who is too young to remember when commercial radio in the UK wasnt entirely garbage, its amazing to discover, from tapes people have put on youtube, that Kiss FM used to actually be good, before they went so legit that they got taken over by EMAP who was the sort of company who then did things such as "fire all of the nonwhite radio hosts"

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"my donalds. its MY donalds. give me MY donalds. thanks"

-- The 'mcdonalds kid', famous american advert. very famous in usa america 1979

after many years, the backlight on my Third monitor has finally gone frungy

someone just yelled at me from a balcony to tell me that im ‘hot’ and that i look like ‘steve harrington’

monday afternoon. whole town smells of wet dog

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@jk clearly the only way to win is not to link

just literally copy and paste the source code of any libraries you use directly into a single .c file that also contains all of your source code

what's up Hacker News

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sick to bastard death with society and complex moral choices

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