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huh i guess Tony Collingwood was right when he said that all the books would turn into flamingos and fly outta the library

@lycaon im amazed hes even playing it. its my guitar and I wont even play that thing its so bad

@blacklemon67 i knew something would finally take the mantle of Zombo . com

@body im thinkingf of the endlessly-reused death animation in Dragons Lair where the knight-protagonist guy looks really pissed off at you, the player, for about 1 second, before immediately crossfading to a skeleton, which falls to pieces

@confusedcharlot its actually @slowdove. who doesnt even have account on here!

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@confusedcharlot well it is literally just going through a diode and nothing else

noted furry artist @slowdove (not yet on masto) has also created this for you all

Diode Fuzz

@Nine its great when you tread on it barefoot

The predominant form of dirt in my home

@blacklemon67 you tell it the length of the file you're looking for and give it a hash, and,

@blacklemon67 /dev/urandom filesystem driver (warning: high latency device)

are there any non-euclidean tiling window managers
Boar Lane, Leeds - John Atkinson Grimshaw (1881)

the Fourth Brain-ing

@Zeether i think hes doing adverts for PPI lawyers now


@envgen same except it was a pint of beer and the pint cost £4.50