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@jk the #1 thing that i have learned from game development is that anything involving the mouse is going to be approximately 5-10 times more of a pain in the ass than you expect it to be

you wouldnt think "hold mouse button to pan around" would require 4 entire bits of state would you

why isnt your program working josef. is it maybe because you have inadvertently put raise(SIGSEGV) as the first line of your program. surely not

imagine paying £13 for a bar of soap only to be told that it's "for men"

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the specific bars of soap that i normally buy but haven't been able to, the one that i know is really nice, well i can buy it on the internet but its £13 for a bar of soap and for some reason the version on the internet has "for men" written on it. why would a bar of soap need that written on it

in the morning i will listen to instrumentals of james brown songs. then in the afternoon i will bring james brown in

today im going to be doing 100% digitigrade walking

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Opening a Youtube tab and searching for "songs"

theres a horseshoe shaped magnet inside the earths core, with two lightning-bolt symbols coming out of it

in the uk its currently 3 in the evening

a lot of people complain about the inclusion of third-party binary blobs. for example, instead of an X Server, the distro accidentally shipped with a game boy advance ROM image of "Ecks vs. Sever"

*talking to someone who lives somewhere where it gets cold*

me: i hear it gets cold there!

them: yeah, haha! it really does!

*talking to someone who lives somewhere where it gets really hot*

me: i hear it gets really hot there!

them: .... what??? no?? i mean it's just normal here ... ?

me: hah, hah, i guess you've got uhh... air conditioning?

them: uh??? yeah?? maybe??

me: .... ???

them: ???

deleted my gongfeed account. it was getting too loud. too many gongs. too much gonging going on all the time. i mean i know its CALLED gongfeed but people need to chill out with banging the gongs all the damn time on there

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theres two skeletons in the human body. the left skeleton, the right skeleton, and the middle skeleton

how to choose which things my brain gives me dopamine for

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i think if youre playing a farfisa organ you dont really have to worry about anything

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