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josef @jk

Rupert Moloch

@jk this table comes with free tobacco too

@englebright @HexManiac giant plane gun match

@englebright im thinking of buying a set of silver goblets and limiting the cult to that number of people

@kel its really tempting! but id have to get other people involved in it, and im not good at making things that appeal to people other than me hahaa


maybe ive never been able to get into religion for the same reason i dont really consume media?? im much more interested in creating things than being a consumer. this means that i can't enjoy some media, because i'm thinking about it from the perspective of a creator - how the film was shot, the use of colour, etc.
when i think about religion it's the same: i cant suspend my disbelief because im thinking about it from the perspective of who created the religion, and the plot holes etc.

@halcy thats the only silver lining

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@jk okay but you might get to fuck a computer also

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@jk can't wait to have to jailbreak my milk so i can drink it day after it's expired

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@jk it is pretty amazing that the solution we've settled on to having voice control on our phones, whether Apple or Google, _requires a flippin' data connection_

the future's looking so boring for technology. youll have a fucking computer in your shoe that you cant even see. no keyboard, no screen. it just sends the data to some giant corporation!! you speak into your fucking shoe or your milk carton and it sends it to a datacenter somewhere. great. real exciting. great guys. great

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@jk > get all of my clothes/towels monogramed

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@confusedcharlot i really appreciate it! maybe ill set something like that up at some point...

how to train your panzer dragoon

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@jk > nothing, that's a rad name