I prefer italics over boldface for emphasis and newly introduced terms in technical writing. It’s all the emphasis you need, but without the distraction.

Actually, that substitution removes the last character from each list item in the file instead of just periods. 🤷‍♀️

Remember; don’t forget to `\` your `.`’s!

Here’s a sneak peek at my upcoming book named “Technical editing with Vim substitutions”, which shows removing trailing periods from markdown lists:

:%s/\(\(-\|*\|\d*\.\) .\+\)./\1/

“‘Class methods’ are actually instance methods defined on the singleton class of a class object.”

“Your disk is almost full. Save space by optimising storage.”, but my trash is already empty. 🤷‍♀️

f319d28d9f4b3f6cd427aae973c7b6caa1d4886b is the first bad commit

TIL: Git’s interactive rebase accepts “e” instead of “edit” in $EDITOR.

Here’s your periodic reminder that DM requests are a thing on Twitter even if your DMs are open. They’re in a different tab and won’t send notifications. brb, responding to 6-month old messages. 😓

My 500-word article is now 1200 words long, and I’m pretty sure I’m about halfway done.

`<<` is henceforth known as the “double-half-boat operator”.

I'm taking a page from @jkreeftmeijer and spending less time fretting over perfecting my draft into 10 different versions, now I'm just smoothing out the first draft then publishing the dang thing. At least then I'll have something to put up instead of another project in the bin.

I am happy to tell the story of swapping out large chunks of code in a running application in and Phoenix.


I hope you like it -- feel free to ask questions!

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