Vim quicktip #6: Use NeoVim’s `inccommand` option for live substitutions.

`:set inccommand=nosplit` shows substitutions happening as you type, and `:set inccommand=split` adds a preview window to show off-screen replacements.

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for another instrumental-progressive-metal-bands-weekly! This time, check out Intervals’ “The way forward” ( from 2017. 🎸

Just restored my tmux session to the last time I accidentally pressed ⌃A+⌃S. We’re living in the future.

I’m leaning towards making both of them optional anyway, having users explicitly depend on a JSON encoder and figuring out which one’s available in the library itself. That won’t affect most users, as most projects have at least one of them available. 🤔

What’s the nicest way for an Elixir library to depend on either Jason *or* Poison? Ideally, it’d be like an optional dependency which uses whatever’s available. The libary needs a JSON encoder to function, though, so I can’t make them both optional.

Trying something new. Here’s a braindump to explain contexts in Phoenix, which might eventually become an article. I’d love to know what you think.

So far, I like “pretzel-colon”, but “symbol-proc” is probably most accurate. 🥨

What do we call Ruby’s `&:` syntax in `["a", "b", "c"].map(&:upcase)`? Is that a “symbol-proc”?

Using vim-numbertoggle and tmux? Does toggling relative line numbers work for you when switching from Vim to another tmux pane? If not, I’d appreciate it if you'd chime in to this issue (

It sounds like Euruko 2019’s tickets are selling as fast as the 2011 edition in Berlin. 😯

☝️ Aside from posting it to Mastodon and Twitter, that update was comitted to a Github repository ( for archival, which triggered a web hook that redeployed

You know what’s even more even work than you’d think? Writing a tool that splits, converts and posts Markdown updates to Twitter, Mastodon and Github based on their contents.

It’s called Dolphin, and I’ve been using it myself for over a month now. 🐬

@jkreeftmeijer also: "gqap" reformats the current paragraph

Never underestimate the power of putting wet electronics in rice to dry them out. It seems to be back alive, but leaving it to dry today just in case. 🍚

It’s drying now. I didn’t notice it actually got into the board until the Caps Lock light started flashing, so I’m pretty sure I fried the circuit board. 😕

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