Switched to zsh again because it’s the default in macOS Catalina.

Mornin’! ☕

** (Mix) Can't continue due to errors on dependencies
$ bundle
Could not locate Gemfile
$ mix deps.get
Resolving Hex dependencies...

So, any recommendations for a sturdy iPhone case you’ve used?

I’m mostly concerned with not cracking the screen again, so bulkier options are fine. Ideally, I wouldn’t have to worry about breaking another phone like this again.

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Captain’s log, 02/06/19, 17:05 up 19 days

It’s been eight days since the symbol selector gave out. Communication degraded. Haven’t found another way to fix it yet. The rest of the machine seems stable enough not to have to reboot, so I’ll be stuck like this for a while longer.

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Are you just getting started with Vim-substitution-based editing? Don’t worry; the book has your back! This absolute classic is the first substitution I always reach for first. Never remove trailing whitespace manually again!

:%s/ \+\n/\r/

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The Emoji & Symbols selector stopped opening a couple of days ago (both ^+⌘+Space and via Edit › Emoji & Symbols). Relaunching the Finder didn’t work, and I’m refusing to reboot my machine unless something else breaks.

@jkreeftmeijer I tend to do: `git push heroku HEAD:master`, which deployed the current branch I'm on.

Deploying a branch that’s not called `master` to Heroku (or pushing to a different branch name on remote in general)? Remembering to prefix the remote’s branch name with the local one might save you some confusion.

$ git push heroku my_branch:master

Where `heroku` is the remote, `my_branch` is the local branch name, and `master` is the remote branch name. Hopefully, I’ll get it right on the first try too, one day.

This. Also, don't require logging in (you can figure out the e-mail address), and don't ask which types of marketing e-mails they'd like to unsubscribe from. Unless, of course, if your app sends notifications the user actually signed up for.


Our air conditioning unit is overheated. 🌡️🔥

The more I discuss my Go board LiveView article series with others, the more I feel like I’m actually accidentally writing a book.

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