I’m currently alternating between thinking the speech I wrote is either trying too hard to be funny, or too sentimental. My current plan is to bring a note with keywords (I have eight), trying to sense the atmosphere, and mostly winging it. 🤷‍♂️

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So now I need to find time to get the very old stuff running on the new static site generator before they pull a Vidme on me.

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Don’t include external JavaScript on your website.

I used to run ads (don’t do that either). Some old pages still include the ad code. Ad company folded, domain got snatched up, now hosts a different JS file that calls `window.open` to redirect to another page. 🤷‍♀️

I have been taking a lot of notes, though. Case in point (on taking notes /and/ org-mode’s elaborate feature set): jeffkreeftmeijer.com/org-code-

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I like my writing tools elaborate enough that I spend more time configuring them and updating old articles to their formats than I do actually writing.

Org-mode fits the bill, and it’s been a lot of fun so far.

Please appreciate that last update. It took a lot of effort.

First I needed to increase the font in my browser and the margins in the inspector to get a clear screenshot, then I couldn’t find the screenshot as macOS now shows a preview in the lower right corner for five seconds before removing the file, apparently. 🤷‍♂️

I’m pretty sure those spaces weren’t there in a previous version (there was spacing, but it was done with padding), which made for easier copying of the `user/repo` string. 🤔

My average intake of Sriracha is causing a problem planning for our next hiking trip (weight wise) so I'm in the market for a spicier substitute. Suggestions?

Retroactively run a formatter on past commits by using the`--exec` option during an interactive rebase:

git rebase -i --exec 'mix format’ main
git rebase -i --exec 'prettier --write {**/*,*}.js’ main
git rebase -i --exec 'rubocop -a’ main


Please don't tell people they must learn X before they can do Y, where X is the underlying technology, and Y is the modern abstraction.

You might be right, but that’s just being discouraging.

I accidentally a Node.js command line tool that takes an HTML file with an internal stylesheet, purges the stylesheet from unused selectors in the surrounding HTML, minifies it, then places it back into the `<style>` tags.


I suspect my colleagues are planning me an Emacs intervention.

When writing in Emacs’ Org mode, export with `C-c C-e h o`.

A browser window pops up with an HTML representation of the document you can copy rich markup from, to then paste in Basecamp’s text area.

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Here’s a slightly cumbersome option. Trix (Basecamp’s editor) uses a `contenteditable` block, which retains styling. That means one could convert their comment to HTML (like the preview in a Markdown editor), copy the text from the rendered page, and paste it into Basecamp.

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Since Basecamp doesn’t accept Markdown anymore, what’s the best way to get a piece of text written elsewhere (which might include links and subheadings) imported into it?

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