“We are using here a powerful strategy of synthesis: *wishful thinking*.”

English language hot take 

It's OK to say "cactuses" or "octopuses", everyone knows what you mean and nobody gives a shit whether the noun comes from latin or whatever.

“Even though compiler errors can be frustrating, they only mean your program isn’t safely doing what you want it to do yet; they do _not_ mean that you’re not a good programmer!”

Didn’t have enough video meeting software on my computer, so I’m installing Cisco Webex.

Did some more work on `enough.dark.css`. Its goal is to add minimal styling, much like the browser’s defaults, but for dark mode.

So far, that means fixing the colors for illegible links, and updating `<hr>` borders to look okay on dark backgrounds.


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I’ve updated enough.css’s “Interactive Demo™” to include the still-unreleased `enough.dark.css` module, by the way.


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Since the reactions to this were overwhelmingly positive (thanks all), I’m pondering spending 124 bytes to support dark mode in enough.css.

Here’s what I came up with so far. I’d love to know what you think! github.com/jeffkreeftmeijer/en


When in “Dark mode” on macOS, would you prefer to have websites or blogs adopt a dark theme as well?

I feel like although there’s a media query to allow for this `@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark)`, it’s rarely used. Is that because it’s more work, or is it just a Bad Idea™?

I just released Shine 0.1.0! Features:

- Runs EUnit test suites in both Gleam and Erlang projects
- Finds and loads tests to run automatically through rebar3
- Prints how many tests were run, and how many failed
- Returns non-zero exit codes in case of failures (for CI)

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To install prerelease versions (like `0.1.0-beta.1`) through rebar3, set `{deps_allow_prerelease, true}` in your `rebar3.config`. 🧠

On the ground floor the wall-to-wall carpet, radiators, door- and window frames, paneling, everything is painted in shades of green. A brave choice. I love it.

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It might be overkill for a color scheme, but I’m trying this for Dim. The recommended way to install Dim is cloning the `1.x` branch:

git clone --branch 1.x git@github.com:jeffkreeftmeijer/vim-dim.git ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/vim-dim


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