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born to run all night
born to run all day
born to die
world is a fuck
kill em all 1989
i am trash man
i'll bet my money on the bobtail nag
somebody bet on the bay

ahahah holy shit somehow version 100.0.0 of the twitter app is available in the play store but it's just the webapk, signed with the same key as the real android app, named

so the real android app at a mere version 8, won't install.

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peeing my pants here

- open Google Play Store on Chromebook
- install Twitter app
- push Open

chrome opens twitter dot com

trying to avoid implementing an entire bus tracking app to answer the question "does the county even provide stop estimates at all? yes or no"

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ahahaha today i learned the HTML spec has <html lang=en-US-x-hixie>

tomorrow it's March, but a year ago tomorrow it was still February. really makes u think

someday 11mo will reach whatever delicious goodness is hidden inside a ketchup packet and will either be delighted or horrified

well i have incredible luck, the stop i was looking at contains a grand total of 0 real-time predictions throughout the day

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starting to suspect that port authority isn't very good at counting down the number of minutes until a bus comes

4yo [holds up dustbuster]: dispatcher
daddy: dustbuster
4yo [loudly] DISPATCHER

wow sure is amazing that all three of Gmail's ads here are considered "Top Picks",

refrain from reflexively slapping the 🤢🤦🤣 react on every message mentioning cryptocurrency or blockchain challenge 2021

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