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might make a thread of "videos youtube inexplicably thinks are for kids"

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weird nerds: the FAA is a nanny state and lawn mowers have too many safety features

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I may not know the difference between panacea and pancetta, but I DO know that this sandwich will solve all your problems

▼Fish-shaped door handles‎
 ▼Fish-shaped door handles in Germany‎
  ▶Fish-shaped door handles in Lower Saxony‎
  ▶Fish-shaped door handles in North Rhine-Westphalia‎

A young woman with her eyes closed and head slightly tilted back is immersed in the audio coming from her Pixel Buds A-Series.

amused to see that macOS has a button for "take CUPS out back and shoot it"

small gadgets attached to the shark's noses that released squid juice on demand.

Scientists working with remote control sharks admit they are not sure exactly

The eagle that had been shot down, and delivered to Hezbollah,

10777536 - conversion factor from pt³ to pt (cubic point to pint)

how many gallons of vinegar to catch as many flies as a spoonful of honey

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myth: boo hoo if tim cook ships his privacy feature facebook might not be free anymore

reality: tell us what android apps you're running and facebook will literally pay you five bucks

this coffee says "best by" 2023 which makes you wonder how good it is already

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