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might make a thread of "videos youtube inexplicably thinks are for kids"

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"Confused alpha testers (including developers on the project)"

Domino Chain Reaction

(counting this as 'inexplicably' because he's a physics professor and presumably this is for undergrads)

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“vishing” (short for voice phishing),



feeling sorry for the poor schlub maintaining Google Hangouts who can't keep track of which features of Chrome are deprecated and which features of Hangouts are deprecated

it occurs to me that duckduckgo/bing is only using terms that *don't* resolve to a website 🤦

🙅 directly into my veins
🙆 directly into my deltoid

really heavy on the beet no wonder 4yo isn't a fan

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vacc snacc 

sitting here in a Moderna haze this pouch is looking unusually yummy

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