*more than one* borough of pennsylvania exists purely as a workaround for a township's restrictive alcohol laws.

(Green Hills and S.N.P.J.)

still not convinced npm is anything other than an elaborate prank

My favorite code review comment I’ve ever received:

I left a comment in the code that read something like “// TODO: stop doing all this bull shit”, entirely by accident — I had intended to either fix it right there, or file a bug, or talk to someone. You know, the exact sort of slip-up that a code review is designed to catch.

Response from reviewer: “This particular section of our codebase does not currently contain any profanity, and this situation does not warrant being the first instance.”

i do appreciate transitapp replacing the lame-o DI and MI abbreviations with this wicked funicular icon, even though the slope is maybe half of what it should be

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Which state has the most number of "Washington Township"? Show more

Somehow "I'm not a robot" in reCAPTCHA means "correctly guess what the robot thinks is a street sign"

someone at penndot is using a pretty wacky source for township boundaries

latrobe borough became a city in 1999 but TIGER 2017 still says borough

if you name an apartment or office "Cloverleaf" because it's near some highways and you think you're clever, you're legally required to call it "SPUI" if the interchange is later rebuilt.

pretty sure the defining aspect of “trying to sleep in bedroom your parents are using as an office“ is lack of anything resembling a nightstand

3: that's a little ant so i need to sweep it.




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