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If Ozymandias King of Kings wore pants, would he wear them like this or like this?

it's 2019 and i still copy and paste data out of sql in order to do useful things with it like graphs

me a couple years ago: what even is gis

me now: convert the shp to geojson with ogr2ogr, then use topojson to simplify the shapes (preserving topology and avoiding self intersections), then use ogr2ogr to convert it to spatialite sqlite3 for serving

bit by bit

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blurhash unlocks a cool mode

- always hide all media
- local timeline tab + media only

hello, ftc? this bag of cough drops says "family size" but it also says "50 drops" so one of those has to be a lie

new thing i'm going to do when coworkers leave their machines unlocked is switch to vscode and set "files.insertFinalNewline": true

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