naptime problems (this week)

• elephant missing
• book on wrong side of door
• magnetic polarity of "A" and "I" rolling stock is harder to figure out than on asymmetrical letters


when given five pieces of cheese, will count them out then arrange them into a pentagon and shout "pentagon!"

thinking about when i was 15 and this was the height of humor

annual Sweet Corn Festival in the middle of July. This three-day-long event (now cut down to just one day)

ah, the Litre Tesla … occasionally written as Milliampere Metre Henry

to be re-established to align with the changing rates. certain songs or albums may not transfer due to rights or licensing issues. Also, if you added music to Google Play Music and it disappeared due to rights or licensing, it may reappear in YouTube Music.
If the rights or licensing changes after the date you transfer your account, the music will automatically appear in your library. Stations with "radio" in their name will not transfer to YouTube Music.

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me: i would like to pay a small monthly sum for the least terrible of music streaming products

google: you may need to create a YouTube channel. This transfer process is not supported in Venezuela and Belarus.
Google Play Music accounts can’t be transferred to YouTube Brand Accounts. YouTube Music has different account eligibility requirements than Google Play Music. For subscribers in Croatia, Serbia, and other regions where local currency rates fluctuate, your subscription price will need

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thank you, gboard and wikipedia, but i meant inner *loop*

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achievement unlocked: received an SMS OTP, then received a phone call asking me to read it out loud … and this was entirely legitimate

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