I heard back from my contacts at Confluent, who share my concerns, are reaching out to the Apache Kafka comms team re timing+appropriateness and "looking into alternate locations where the broader community feels respected and safe for all future events."

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I'm well aware that in the scheme of things my carefully worded email will do absolutely fuck all to change things positively, but I have to do _something_.

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I saw the Apache Kafka CFP today. It came out *after* the Uvalde murders, and it's being held in Austin TX, sponsored by Confluent. $work uses their services, we have a fortnightly catchup.

I am *so* fucking furious I have emailed our contacts there to express my feelings. It's not just a "read the damn room", it's [waves hands] all the *other* things TX is and has done to make it unsafe to exist there.

Woke up hearing a weird noise. Investigated. I am underchuffed :(

Over the last 2 weeks we've collected the whole 'rona set, Family Edition. is pretty-much over it now (got to school, yay!), is recovering but feels blech. I tested +ve on Friday, this morning. We're at a point where "meh" is an improvement. Feeling a lot of brain fog. Eager for this shitty virus to be done.

Yesterday said she was going to bake bread today. Just asked her whether she was going to do it... she said no, it's too cold.

Our temp gauge says 24C/79%rh inside, I pass this info to her.

She said that it still wasn't warm enough and *because we don't have a proving drawer in the oven like on * the dough wouldn't rise.

& I are highly amused.

Looks like is going to be a bit damp for the next week :|

Took actual sick leave, did masked-up shopping this morning, lunch, then *blam* slept 1-3. Woke enough to see that it was indeed 3 on the dot then woke up again 30m later.

Going to take it easy next few days.

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Woke up feeling like crap. Delighted that the nasal RAT is negative.... but ... ugh.

Wordle 318 4/6


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Sedordle 2022-05-02



Wordle 317 X/6


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Wordle 316 6/6


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