Holy crap. Malware hidden in a strand of DNA hijacks the computer that analyzes that particular gene sequence.

We're going to live in a very weird world man.


So, I'm super-nerdy, and make custom Windows icons for emulators that I use. They're mostly gen 1-4 consoles and old micros, but if you'd like to populate your desktop with tiny old systems, I uploaded them to Dropbox: goo.gl/Vt5Xvx #Gameing #Retro

I few months back I started writing my own compiler. Fun project but got distracted before I tackled the really hard things (traits, macros, borrow checking).

Still, who knows, maybe someone might enjoy poking on it.


Not sure if I know anyone going to linux.conf.au here, but if so - I'll be giving a talk on growing and and what we learned doing so.

Please say hi 👋 if you're there 😊

Commonly used words from women who saw my talk today: “moving, brave, eye-opening, courageous”

Commonly used words from men who came up to me after my talk: “disagree, not everything you said, militant, angry”

Video: where.coraline.codes/talks/bro

@jntrnr I don't know. I certainly hope so!

We have a few very cool, very new apps in Rust for GNOME, and for example GStreamer (used *everywhere*) is being Rustified. Hopefully those will set a good example.

We are definitely understaffed for the platform libraries, though. I hope to convince people, even new contributors, that it's totally worthwhile to revitalize under-maintained C code with .

Librsvg 2.42.7 is out!

This fixes a denial-of-service with malicious SVG files, so update soon.

📗 Today I'm publishing a series of blog posts: From Rust to beyond.

It's about using Rust with different languages or environments, like #WebAssembly, C, #PHP, #NodeJS etc.

First episode: Prelude, mnt.io/2018/08/21/from-rust-to.
Next episode in few days.

#rustlang #fromRustToBeyond

genuine emotion and caring about shit is punk as fuck

boost if you enjoy being nice and being treated nicely

Finished the first episode of the Bard's Tale remake. What a deep drink of nostalgia that was.

A little odd they're coming out with each sequel as a separate "episode" of the game, but it at least slows me down so I down blow through them like I was binge-watching Netflix.

Don't get me wrong, I really like some serious computer talk now an then, but I'm so f***ing glad there are nerds from more and more passions/hobbies/professions here. Makes the fediverse more of the diverse network it should be.

we should all try to appreciate the Borland C++ installation program

I love how so many people on here are cooler than me. 😅 It's like being surround by hip, witty, feel-y peeps.

Oh hey, I've never done an before.

I'm a /manager. I helped grow from a wee babe. I've also helped with

I'm starting a company to build tools for community- and project-building.

I'm queer-spectrum, trans-friendly, open-hearted, and hyphen-loving.

I love music, live , and some . Avid gamer, mostly RPGs.

Currently living in (orig. from the States)

@jntrnr I use the website. I was just in mastodon dot social and it was quite sluggish. Mastodon saw almost 250,000 new users in 24 hours due to this recent revolt from Twitter. sp3r4z.fr/mastodon/totalUsers_

What do people apps do people here use with Mastodon? Do you use the website by chance?

Curious, as I can't get the website to auto-refresh the new content.

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