Holy crap. Malware hidden in a strand of DNA hijacks the computer that analyzes that particular gene sequence.

We're going to live in a very weird world man.


So, I'm super-nerdy, and make custom Windows icons for emulators that I use. They're mostly gen 1-4 consoles and old micros, but if you'd like to populate your desktop with tiny old systems, I uploaded them to Dropbox: goo.gl/Vt5Xvx #Gameing #Retro

I few months back I started writing my own compiler. Fun project but got distracted before I tackled the really hard things (traits, macros, borrow checking).

Still, who knows, maybe someone might enjoy poking on it.


Not sure if I know anyone going to linux.conf.au here, but if so - I'll be giving a talk on growing and and what we learned doing so.

Please say hi 👋 if you're there 😊

Commonly used words from women who saw my talk today: “moving, brave, eye-opening, courageous”

Commonly used words from men who came up to me after my talk: “disagree, not everything you said, militant, angry”

Video: where.coraline.codes/talks/bro

@jntrnr I don't know. I certainly hope so!

We have a few very cool, very new apps in Rust for GNOME, and for example GStreamer (used *everywhere*) is being Rustified. Hopefully those will set a good example.

We are definitely understaffed for the platform libraries, though. I hope to convince people, even new contributors, that it's totally worthwhile to revitalize under-maintained C code with .

Librsvg 2.42.7 is out!

This fixes a denial-of-service with malicious SVG files, so update soon.

📗 Today I'm publishing a series of blog posts: From Rust to beyond.

It's about using Rust with different languages or environments, like #WebAssembly, C, #PHP, #NodeJS etc.

First episode: Prelude, mnt.io/2018/08/21/from-rust-to.
Next episode in few days.

#rustlang #fromRustToBeyond

Finished the first episode of the Bard's Tale remake. What a deep drink of nostalgia that was.

A little odd they're coming out with each sequel as a separate "episode" of the game, but it at least slows me down so I down blow through them like I was binge-watching Netflix.

Don't get me wrong, I really like some serious computer talk now an then, but I'm so f***ing glad there are nerds from more and more passions/hobbies/professions here. Makes the fediverse more of the diverse network it should be.

we should all try to appreciate the Borland C++ installation program

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I love how so many people on here are cooler than me. 😅 It's like being surround by hip, witty, feel-y peeps.

Oh hey, I've never done an before.

I'm a /manager. I helped grow from a wee babe. I've also helped with

I'm starting a company to build tools for community- and project-building.

I'm queer-spectrum, trans-friendly, open-hearted, and hyphen-loving.

I love music, live , and some . Avid gamer, mostly RPGs.

Currently living in (orig. from the States)

@jntrnr I use the website. I was just in mastodon dot social and it was quite sluggish. Mastodon saw almost 250,000 new users in 24 hours due to this recent revolt from Twitter. sp3r4z.fr/mastodon/totalUsers_

What do people apps do people here use with Mastodon? Do you use the website by chance?

Curious, as I can't get the website to auto-refresh the new content.

Sooo wish I was at RustConf. The keynote sounds like a deep dive into how Rust works as well as some of the challenges of OSS itself.

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