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🔥 We love seeing how people are using Lit.

This talk highlights how Adobe uses #webcomponents in their apps like Photoshop - all built with Lit! →


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First time using Custom Elements with React:

Naturally you use`className` for every HTML element (y tho?), except custom elements where you have to use `class`. And then TypeScript loses its shit.

None of this is an issue in Preact, btw. It clearly can be done.

Really impressed with the @Mastodon PWA. Fast, clean and seamlessly integrated with the OS (Android) for sharing from other apps.

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Just discovered Mastodon has a user RSS feed. Nice!
Gonna try piping into Twitter via IFTTT. Toot!

Seems like Musk as taken over from Bezos as the capitalism game final boss. See you all over on Mastodon.

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