Ugh... it should NOT be 78°F in my house at 5:30 in the morning.

Starting to figure out mouse events and getting "game pieces" to appear in the correct location on the graphical game board with . Mouse position calculations also now produce numbers that I can pass to functions previously written for the terminal-based game. In short, once I rewrite a few things, I should have a playable, graphical version of written in ! Not bad for a newb. 🤘

It's amazing how satisfying something simple can be. For example, getting a graphical representation of a chess board to display in pygame when you haven't made any games since using BASIC as a teen.

Thanks the feedback. I had more or less made up my mind but thought the poll might be fun.

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I currently dual-boot 11 with on my Thinkpad T460s. The latter is just taking up hard drive space, and I'm really digging right now. Should I just nuke and pave?

I switched my 65-year-old mother to a couple weeks ago after she had some issues with on her laptop. She has very minimal needs, and my thought was that it would be more difficult for her to break. The verdict: "I love it! It's even easier than before!"

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With all the work, stress, anxiety, chaos, and existential dread swirling around, don't forget to take care of yourself. Do something you really enjoy today that makes you smile.

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Tibor Kaputa spends his days developing the Simple range of apps for Android-based OS and makes them available free of charge on F-Droid. I use a bunch of them and they're fantastic. Please consider trying out his apps and making a contribution to support his work:

#Android #FreeCode #FDroid #TiborKaputa

So I've created a working Python version of my abstract strategy board game, Mǽrstánas, however the output is in the terminal. My goal is to have a nice graphical representation in a Gtk window with players being able to click the board to place a piece. Any suggestions on the best way to accomplish this?

Just made my first commit on after migrating one of my repos from ! So far, so good...more testing to follow.

I mainly use with because, well, it's easy. The idea of intrigues me though, and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a GUI app that would interface with it in a similar manner as Gitkraken. It doesn't need all the features of course; just the basics will suffice How's ? Or should I just stop being lazy and learn git?

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There's a new Master Boot Record 💾 live video out on YouTube.

It's a 4:3 aspect ratio and 256 colors. Because OF COURSE it is! ❤️

I just finished the "Python Basics" course offered by the University of Michigan on . It definitely gave me a good start, but I'm not interested in paying $49 a month to continue. Instead, I opted for Dr. Angela Yu's "100 Days of Code" on since I've seen positive feedback on it.

When I started learning , I was using because it was easy, and I wanted something beyond a text editor. I'm now checking out and CE. I have to say that I really like some of the analysis features of the latter to help reinforce style. My code ran, but seeing how I could make it read better or run more efficiently is helpful as a learner.

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In support of freedom, openness, and , I've made my most recent work available on prior to its official 7/22 release on Bandcamp!

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Want to change your hard drive? Remove these 17 screws, pry off your keyboard, remove 6 more screws, pry off the piece holding the touchpad, remove these 3 short flat washer looking screws...Look! I can see the hard drive! Remove 1 more screw, pull out the hard drive, remove 4 more screws. Change the drive. Now put it back together.

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Why is it that the last two that friends or family wanted me to work on have been a pain in the butt to open up to gain access to the hardware? It's almost as if wants you to buy another laptop instead of fixing the one you have...

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