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Developers and testers, it’s the day you’ve been waiting for: elementary OS 6 Beta is available now! Read our announcement to find out more about the beta process as well as what’s new for you in this outstanding upcoming release.

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The Starforged Kickstarter is live:

From the same folks that brought out Ironsworn, the solo RPG that brings vows, bonds, and quests in a desolate world to your table.

Plays solo, co-op, and with a GM with very little changes between them.

I was on this first-day. I hope you'll check it out.

#ironsworn #ttrpg #kickstarter

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@viTekiM has a new brick breaker game out called SHKAPANG. It's available for Linux, Windows and MacOS and is name your own price over on If you like retro style games with a twist, check out his other work as well.

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Just because a developer is making a "free" product, doesn't mean they don't ALSO have the right to create income streams for it. And you have no right to take that away from them.

A rant about
@elementary and entitled #Linux users, in today's newsletter.

Plus, an awesome new "Music For Everyone" segment by the guy who wrote the Linux For Everyone theme!

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On an awesome #DestinationLinux #podcast 218!

We have a wonderful interview with Neil McGovern, Executive Director of, about the upcoming GNOME 40 release!

+JingPad, 34 and so much more!

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Wrote an #article about #gemini. Tried to keep it as #beginner friendly as possible.

What's All The Hype About Gemini And How To Get On Board

Also has a look into the #Lagrange #browser.

#basics #foss #protocol

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You're definitely going to want to check out gemini://

It's a hand-curated gemini directory, full of content, with lots of tasteful emojis. Great work @Laerte and Mjollna!

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Just bought the "FLOPPY DISK OVERDRIVE" album from "MASTER BOOT RECORD" on bandcamp.
If you are into electric hard rock, like , you will like this music!

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Heyo! Just popped in to let you all know I've got a new game out and it's free. Hope you'll check it out and that you like it!

Recorded using on 10. Artwork created using @glimpse (for editing) and @inkscape (for text).

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Currently on lunch break and listening back to a mix I made of the track I recorded this past Sunday. It ended up not being the noisy piece I had planned but instead is more in line with the minimalist ambient / drone that usually comes out of me. Satisfying nonetheless. Still needs a title and artwork. Hoping for a release before the end of the month.

20 years ago, I released "Suspension of Disbelief". Thus, 2020 is the twentieth anniversary. 2020...20/20...hindsight. Perhaps it's time to revisit the sounds of what once made me happy to create. This year has been a mess. I need that sort of noisy catharsis again.

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Although much of what I've released as Luciftias in the past 20 years has been deep ambient drone, the earliest was noisier and inspired by Boyd Rice and NON. Discovering the newest NON album today (Blast of Silence) reminded me of what drove me to do those first tracks in the first place.

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I've been struggling with finding any sort of creative spark lately. In fact, I haven't recorded much of anything in the last two years. Today, however, I believe I may have found it again.

I would like to create a computer version of my open source abstract board game, Oferhlýp, but I haven't done much programming since BASIC and a little Pascal. Any suggestions? Would you recommend something like Godot? Is it hard to program AI with it?

@chriswere You mentioned switching your laptop to Debian in your video about YouTube ads. Out of curiosity, which DE you running, and have you had any issues gaming on Debian? Or maybe that's your next video. 🤔

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A misunderstanding is circulating that the GNU Project demands you run 100% free software, all the time. Anything less (90%?), and we will tell you to get lost—they say. Nothing could be further from the truth. #gnu #freesw #linux

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