People seem to love the sound of a muscle car when it growls down the street, but all I get is funny looks when I drive my now somewhat loud '07 Focus through town.

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Nice day at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park today with my family.

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I see why a lot of artists are moving to Masto now

thank butts my music is at least slightly discoverable outside of me just talking about it on social media o_o

Time for some relaxation! Looking forward to a campfire, a beer and time with my family.

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Tom Hanks playing the role of Fred Rogers... yeah.. MR. ROGERS! A movie I'm actually getting excited about!

Q4OS Centaurus is based on Debian Buster 10 and Plasma 5.14, optionally Trinity 14.0.6, desktop environment, and it's available for 64bit and 32bit/i686pae computers, as well as for older i386 systems without PAE extension.

The Q4OS 3.8 Centaurus stable .iso images are immediately available for download from the official downloads site
An official announcement will follow soon.

@dasgeek You should check out Athenaeum. It's billed as a "libre replacement for Steam" and acts as a frontend for installing and running games found on Flathub.

Looking at the frequency of my posts, and the irony of being a fairly non social person on a social media site is not lost on me.

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The Facebook algorithm, and information overload, is such that no matter whether I say "*fart noise*" or say the most profound personalized advice ever, the same three to five friends will 'Like' the post or comment, wherever I leave it.

Whereas if I post something here, maybe 200 people see it, and if they like it enough to boost, then many more.

That's the irony of people saying they don't use Mastodon because nobody is here.

Your imagined audience on that other network? It doesn't see you.

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We’re proud to support Disappear - Documentary sequel to Nothing to Hide, featuring Matt Mitchell. He’s the founder of Crypto Harlem, Director of Digital Safety & Privacy for Tactical Tech Berlin (@info_activism ), and a ProtonMail user! Find out more about the documentary and how to support the crowdfunding campaign here:

The recent release of sent me down the rabbit hole of conversions using (including Harmony, Chex Quest 3, and a slew of others.)

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