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Features in the upcoming release of mastodon.el are game changers.

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♻“Every line of code represents an ethical and moral decision.” — @Grady_Booch #emacs
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A new release of mastodon.el just hit master! It's the first one since June. It includes:

* Content warnings actually hiding content
* Keybindings TAB and S-TAB for moving forward/backward to actionable items
* Keybinding ENTER for taking action on those items (like toggling a CW)
* Correctly mentioning everyone in a reply

@alexjgriffith and @h_d deserve all the credit for this release.

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Let me just interject for a second, what you're referring to as Hiveway is in fact Mastodon/Hiveway or as I've recently begun calling it, Mastodon plus Scam

Time to start work on hiveway.el I guess. 🙄🤣

My life is so much better when I really enjoy the project I making my living on. Life is good right now.

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Browsing mastodon while keeping an eye on notifications and the streaming federated timeline. All done in .

Check out by @johnson

Had a proposal accepted at a big conference here in Central Ohio. Didn't give them a Twitter link.

I did give them a Mastodon link, though.

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@johnson CLOS is a so much better object system. If like Ruby there is a great chance you'd love Common Lisp.

In fact, I believe the designer of Ruby took a lot of ideas from it.

If I had to write OOP, I'd choose Ruby every time.

Well, shit, it's official...

I love Python!

But only functional Python!

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@johnson Ain't it the truth? But org-mode's tied to a very limited execution environment with no way to build a true client-server relationship the way Jupyter does without blocking on reads.
I look forward to the day when we vendor webkit/v8 into emacs and start working in a more up to date rendering environment too.

Jupyter Notebook is an org-mode ripoff.

The atomic-chrome package is amazing. If you use Emacs and Chrome, check it out.

LinkedIn is a cesspool. I regret opening the app within the first three posts I see.