For now I've paused cross-posting here. Especially when traveling and during other busy times, it has proven to be really hard to keep up with 😅 You can always find me on Twitter @johnsundell and my content at I might be back one day, we'll see 🙂

Added a basic Markdown mode to my Swift editor prototype! 😀

This'll be super useful for writing Swift articles, since I can see the syntax highlighted code right in the editor (even for inline code!). Going to use this to write this week's article on Sunday! 🚀

My latest weekly article is about using the presenter pattern in a very lightweight way to encapsulate logic for setting up and presenting modal view controllers 👍

Fine tuning the content (and animations!) of my upcoming talk "The Lost Art of System Design" 😀

Premiere on Monday at the Swift & Fika conference! 🎉 It will also be recorded and available for everyone later 👍

I’m completely blown away by the amazing reactions to my Swift editor prototype demos 🤯

Many have asked if I’m going to release it as an app and/or open source project.

I’m definitely considering it, but I want to keep prototyping a bit more before I decide where to go next 😊

My most popular article ever - "A deep dive into Grand Central Dispatch in Swift" has now been updated & remastered with Splash-powered syntax highlighting! 🚀

GCD is so much more powerful & useful than what it first might seem like 👍

I'm now using my Swift editor to work on my Swift editor 😅

The latest episode of Stacktrace is OUT and is packed full of our hopes, speculations and dreams for Apple's upcoming iPhone event, delivered to you - like last time - in Poker form! 😀🃏🚀

🎧 Have a listen:
🤔 Make your own bets:

Added continuous evaluation & auto-print to my Swift editor prototype! 😀

It now runs the Swift compiler on a background thread for every new line, and wraps all assignments in closures that also print their result 👍 It's getting closer & closer to becoming a full Playground 🚀

This week's blog post: "Early returning functions in Swift" 🚀

How using concepts like pure functions and early returns can help make branching logic and complex conditions a lot easier to read, test and debug! 👍

Just sent out my very first monthly newsletter to the first 1,581 subscribers! 🎉📬🚀 I love the feeling of shipping something brand new! 😀

The first edition contains over 25 links & some brand new content. If you missed signing up, you can read it here:

Working on the first edition of my monthly newsletter - going out tomorrow! 😀

It'll be jam-packed with links, Swift tips, tips for blogging & writing, and I'm also going to throw in some behind-the-scenes info about my new Swift editor prototype 😉

Added a few more features to my Swift editor prototype 😀

🤖 Autocomplete of local symbols, keywords & system frameworks
⚡️ Automatic completion of "" + {}
📐 Automatic indentation on new lines

Still just a prototype, but it's quickly starting to become a quite nice editor 🚀

You’re always welcome to ask me questions - I try to reply to all 👍

This month alone I’ve answered over 500 questions 😀 It’s getting harder & harder to keep up - but I’m doing my best 😅

The shorter & more specific a question is - the more likely I’ll be able to answer it 😊

New podcast episode with special guest Felix Krause! 🚀

Me & Felix had a super nice chat about building developer tools, scaling open source projects, code signing, automation and how to take the perfect Twitter profile picture 😀

Hope you'll enjoy it! 🙌

I'm launching a monthly newsletter! 😀📬🎉

On the 1st of every month, you'll get a recap of all my blog posts, podcast episodes, Swift tips & tricks, previews of new projects, as well as my favorite content from around the community! 🚀

Sign up here:

My Splash-powered Swift editor can now compile & run code, and show the results - Playground-style 🚀 Still a <1 hour prototype, but I'm starting to think that this has some potential 😀

One really nice benefit of Swift multiline string literals - even for single lines of text - is that they don't require quotes to be escaped 👍 Perfect when working with things like HTML, or creating a custom description for an object 💯

This week's blog post: "Enum iterations in Swift 4.2" 🚀

Examples of how Swift 4.2's CaseIterable feature can be used to solve common problems in really nice ways 👍

This is also my 80th weekly post & the first to use Splash for syntax highlighting! 🎉

Thought I'd also open source this little script, that makes it much nicer to use the Swift Package Manager - by making the most common commands a lot less verbose, and adding commands like 'install' and 'init-cli' 👍

Hope you'll find it useful 😀

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