Republicans: we hate big government

Democrats: lol sure you're elected officials

Republicans: we've taken to the hills with an armed white supremacist militia

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instance administration, taking a hard line against fascists 

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@Absolutely_Blakely is my joke fedi server with, among other things, an intentionally ineffective and overreaching swear filter.

When U say 'communism is bad' but don't realize those bad boys are all capitalist factory owners now

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Jesus: Full-communism now
Christians: There'll be time for utopia when we're dead

meanwhile, whats trending over on the hellsite we do not name

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Anti-fascism wants an end to Fascism, so anti-fascism can end.
Fascism wants to end peoples, so its tyranny can be perpetual.

Calling them equivalent is like calling fire-extinguishers same as arsons,
for "one is intended to extinguish fires and the other to extinguish lives".

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#Michabo is a native desktop client for Pleroma/Mastodon (not Electron). Nice work (in progress) by @kaniini
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โœ… Easy Installation

โœ… Powerful Admin Dashboard

โœ… One click updates

Shipping in v0.9.5 with Remote Follows!

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Really happy that Mastodon is defaulting to a single-column UI. A whole class of usability problems for first-time users just melts away with this choice. (And power users still have the option to go into the settings! Which is a thing power users love to do!)

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Family: you are young, dont do the seks, it is not for you

Me: OK lol whatever

Family: ok, you are older now, time to THINK about doing the seks, only think

Me: OK

Family: you are at the precise age now, go do the seks and report back

Me: Um OK

Family: you are old now, do the seks like us and have baby to also have the seks later

Me: wat

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