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"He attributes his ability to survive against steep medical odds to his old habit of running six miles a day."

"He attributes his ability to survive against steep medical odds to his old habit of running six miles a day."

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the average human owns enough biological material for them to (future technology permitting) transform into over 500 weasels

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truly the similarities between the ultimate villains of the dc and marvel franchises says something about the deeply human fear of a large purple man

A personal take on rising fascism / authoritarianism: outlive the fuckers.

Prediction: in another 20 years, the way we speak of gender, race, class and location will be transformed. (It's already transformed in my lifetime a bit.)

Bill (52) - a homeless man of Samoan background in Honolulu - worries he may be discriminated against for receiving shelter.

Bill - a Pasifikan fa'afafine of advanced years - has been experiencing lack of shelter in occupied Hawai'i and has apprehensions it may be due to the persistent societal structural bias we all oppose.

Also worth noting: USA has maintained a naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for over a century.

Cuba didn't want them there but didn't kick them out either. The base was used as a prison for torturing suspected 9/11 conspirators, in violation of the Geneva Convention.

Cuban society from 1959 to now hasn't had multiparty democracy or freedom of speech. It does have a pretty robust health care system.

In the early 90s the Communist bloc stopped subsidizing Cuba. There have been food shortages and a lot of frustration with opened doors for tourism; many tourists are seen as given extra privilege.

People have a right to protest, elect, choose, change their government. Children of the revolution haven't seen much social mobility. Let's see how it goes.

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Cuba is a super contentious topic in the States.

As a colony it was a prize that Spain and the USA fought between. USA did not treat it well, repeatedly intervened militarily.

As a result, after the revolution Cuba's attitude was 'go to hell USA, we'll do our own thing.'

It was not hard to top the super corrupt Batista regime. For most people life improved in terms of health, income, overall stability.

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"Skeptics are worried that the administration of what kids are reportedly calling โ€œthe shot,โ€ โ€œthe jabโ€ or even โ€œthe Fauci ouchieโ€ would have devastating effects on young adults in their communities, allowing them to grow up and, perhaps, pay taxes, or host gender-reveal parties that would set large swaths of forest land on fire."

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