": It's Not What You Believe" - The School Of The Black Cat

Fun, concise introduction. It's in French, but you can toggle it for subtitles.
(They even uploaded it on PeerTube!) youtu.be/U3Rs7Pjd8gM

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The World President took the call.
"All right, Dr Dastard, what are your demands?"
"Media always talk about my inventions and schemes, and call me 'mad scientist' or 'evil genius'."
"I can't control media-
"But it's not just me! It's never a lone genius! My team deserves credit!"

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Home-assistant.io is really mature. And 100%self hosted. It integrates with... Pretty much anything. Secure and less secure services, privacy conscious and... Google and Amazon.

But what integrations you chose to use is your call.

I use it as the Middleware of my home.


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Does anyone know about a public instance for #FreshRSS? I would host it myself, but easier if I don't have to. I did find an instance for tt-rss at readtiny.com/, but don't want to use it because the app is not on #fdroid (only an unofficial fork).

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apparently you can have emoji in .tk domains, what the fuck
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my latest project, http://โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿฐ.ws will provide a nice montage of happy rabbits, acquired from the #bunposting tag. you will be able to clear your mind after reading 'discourse' or 'bad technical specifications' or whatever else troubles you
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found a legit incredible blog about obscure electronic games. beautifully observed write-ups of tons of games i've never encountered, such as this 1988 game by an afro-caribbean woman about subvertng and overthrowing a slave plantation:

Freedom: Rebels in the Darkness

or a 2500+ level puzzle game that is almost literally impossible to complete:


just great

Aha, so you can't 'quote toot' but you can paste the URL of a Toot and accomplish roughly the same thing.

Concur with Eugen that we don't need the pointless virality of Birdsite. But ppl will tend to want similar functions as Masto grows.


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How rare, and beautiful
it truly is to even exist... ๐ŸŒŒ

Rhea is the second-largest moon of Saturn, and its most populated as well, with large swathes of its surface having been partitioned and terraformed.
#p700 #MastoArt

WSL bit.ly/2CNu3FH
FA bit.ly/2C3jgWC

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โ€œGood morning!โ€ I pipe cheerily to the meme mongers at the docks.
โ€œHello! Good day!โ€ I sing to the Lewders as they fuss to set up shop early in the morning.
โ€œOh hi and helloโ€ I call to the discoursers, buzzing like bees. They pause for just a moment to wave before theyโ€™re are back at it.
โ€œHow do you do!โ€ I say, swinging through the adminโ€™s shop and picking up a loaf of bread. She shakes her fist โ€œread the instance rules!โ€ But a smile is playing on her lips.
It is another Masto morning โ˜€๏ธ

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