WEBCAST TODAY: Douglas Rushkoff – Team Human – w/ Georgia Frances King @mcnallyjackson @rushkoff @georgiafrancesk

Last night, Tuesday January 22 2019, Douglas Rushkoff was joined by Georgia Frances King to discuss his new book 'Team Human' (Norton 2019) at McNally Jackson Soho in NYC. A recording will be webcast today at 1:30pm ET (18:30 UTC) via ISOC.LIVE.

VIEW ON LIVESTREAM: livestream.com/interne


VIDEO: @JavaScriptNYC Meetup – Nov 2018 w/ @blockstack @XanDitkoff @b_hebs @phil_eaton @saltjobsUSA

On December 2018 the Javascript NYC December Meetup was webcast live on Internet Society Livestream Channel. Videos are below:

Identity Management with Blockstack
Virginia Hickox & Xan Ditkoff

View on Livestream: livestream.com/internetsociety

Clean up your code with Redux-Concise


WEBCAST TODAY: Digital Rights for Citizens – Free Online Course Launch @Digirightsinfo @Eurooppasali @ISOCBNet @OKFFI

The Digital Rights for Citizens online course was launched on January 15th 2019 and was live-streamed from Eurooppasali in Helsinki, Finland. Today, Thursday January 17 2019, at 14:00 UTC (9am ET)an edited version will be restreamed.



WEBCAST TODAY: @NYCMESH Org Meeting w/ @@FFKarlsruhe

Today, Tuesday January 15 2019 at 7pm ET (00:00 UTC) NYC Mesh will hold its monthly Org Meeting at the St Francis School for the Deaf in Brooklyn. There will be a a few short presentations, including one from a member of Freifunk Karlsruhe, Germany’s mesh network, before participants break out into groups. The presentations will be webcast via ISOC.LIVE



WEBCAST TODAY: Digital Rights for Citizens – Free Online Course Launch @Digirightsinfo @Eurooppasali @ISOCBNet @OKFFI

The Digital Rights for Citizens online course is starting on January 15th 2019. The launch-event will be live-streamed from Eurooppasali in Helsinki, Finland.


A California judge has ruled that law enforcement cannot compel a person to unlock their phone with face or finger biometrics. Until now, courts have found that the 5th Amendment protects passcodes but not biometrics — though they are functionally equal. forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewste

WEBCAST TODAY: Opportunities for Policy @NextCentCit @publicknowledge ‏@AAF ‏ @googlepubpolicy @ISOC_NA @communitynets @haroldfeld @WillRinehart ‏

Today, Tuesday January 15 2019, from 9am-1:30pm ET (14:00-18:30 UTC) Next Century Cities, Public Knowledge, and the American Action Forum, will host Opportunities for Bipartisan Tech Policy - a half day event bringing toge


WEBCAST SUNDAY – Wikipedia Day NYC 2019 @acehotelnewyork

Part celebration and part conference, the Wikipedia Day 18th Birthday Bash will be held on Sunday, January 13, 2019 at the Ace Hotel New York, hosted by Wikimedia NYC. One of a number of Wikipedia Days worldwide, the day will feature keynote presentations, breakout group discussions, lightning talks and yes, for those present, cake. More than 150 p


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RT @googleaccess@twitter.com
.@googleaccess is looking for people who use speech recognition software, switch navigation, head pointers, eye tracking, or alternative keyboards (or mice) and live anywhere in the USA to participate in an #a11y user research study. Sign up today → goo.gl/NQMXdo

> Han discusses the Chinese concepts of quan, or law, which literally means the weight that slides back and forth on a scale, radically different from Western notions of absoluteness;

> The Far East, Han writes, is not familiar with such “pre-deconstructive” factors as original or identity. Far Eastern thought begins with deconstruction.


"Companies that can’t even offer the FCC broadband minimum often charge the same or higher prices urban users pay for gigabit . All while actively undermining local efforts to build better, faster "motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

LIVE NOW – Webinar – Intermediary Guidelines Amendment Rules, India @GoI_MeitY @ISOCapac

On 24th December 2018 the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITy) published a draft - the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines [Amendment] Rules), 2018. Fresh obligations are proposed for 'intermediaries' - defined as platforms with 5m+ users - including backdoors, surveil


Livestream of Tuesday's @a11yNYC @meetup If It's Interactive, It Needs a Focus Style - Eric Bailey youtu.be/9YazmVNwtHI

WEBCAST JAN 29: State of the Net 2019 in Washington DC @sotn sponsored by @ISOC_NA

On Monday January 29 2019 the  Internet Education Foundation (IEF) will host the 2019 State of the Net Conference at the Newseum in Washington DC. Thanks to sponsorship from the Internet Society North America Bureau the entire three track event will be available via webcast on ISOC.LIVE.


UN High-Level Panel on : Virtual Town Hall Meeting – 7 January 2018 @UNSGdigicoop

Earlier today Monday January 7 2018 the United Nations High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation hosted a Virtual Town Hall. This comprised a briefing by co-Executive Director Dr Jovan Kurbalija and Senior Communications Officer Anoush Rima Tatevossian that covered the past month's engagements, the first round of r


12 – Speaking with a Strong Voice – Advocating for Policy That Works for Us @InternetSociety

Today, Sunday January 6 2019, at 7pm EST (00:00 UTC), in the twelfth and final installment of the Internet Society Livestreaming's  '12  Days of Streams', Katie Watson moderates a discussion on how to best leverage civic influence on behalf of community connectivity.


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