Currently in Thailand waiting for the transfer flight. The travelators have a really annoying soundclip when people approach the end of a runway and I can hear several of them.

Still wish I could find a Twitter app like Twidere, but with notifications that actually work. Being able to add lists to the top tabs is really useful.

The biggest lie. Also I love how it looks like a place for fresh food and everything is packaged and processed to hell and back.

I was planning on not taking a camera, but I'm pretty sure I would be really disappointed with photos only taken by my phone.

Was thinking maybe I don't need to take so much stuff, then I got reminded of other stuff I haven't even thought about.

Travelling across a bunch of areas in Europe makes it hard to pack clothes, possibly dealing with temps from 10C to 30C.

I should also find other works by Stuart Hall and the Center for Contemporary Cultural Studies, since that seemed to be one of the most interesting sources during "Constructing Cultures Through Media".

Since I'll have a lot of time on the flight to Europe, I'll be hoping to get through Graeber's Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value, and possibly start reading Erving Goffman's The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.

love being distracted while reading an article, just because a sentence reminded me of something completely different.

Something about Marmion Ave has changed, I don't seem to get the lights late at night any more and people drive consistently drive at 70 km/h when they could be doing 80

If there's anything I've learnt this semester, it's that the misapplication of lenses/schools of thought can be very detrimental to creating useful frameworks for understanding something.

A lot of political projects are in that bucket, and so is a lot of media analysis.

Took me too long to remember how to play the game that I only got like one and a half missions done.

Started Starbound back up and lost my hoverbike by using it in space and hitting the ceiling of the level. God damn it.

Cyberpunk is a genre defined by like one imaginary perfect person, and definitely can't be inclusive of other perspectives.

The current business grift is teaching everyone leadership and public speaking skills, then dominating them in the workplace.

Find it hard to believe some of the prices online for things, feel like I'm being shown tourist prices for things that local people would use as well.

This plan failed because all the save files I can find are on challenge mode for some reason, none of them at the end of the game instead.

I've been wanting to play Ratchet and Clank 3 again. So I'm going to download and use a RaC1 save, because I don't feel like playing through most of that game right now to get the 10% weapon discount.

I'm wondering how they managed to handle all the data and systems for the procedural characters in Watch Dogs Legion. Some of it was there in the previous games, but this is on another level.

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