It was really frustrating to see a Sky news person get ahead of the story and set the narrative of the palace letters.


Switch on the ABC? News Corp personality. Country radio? The same. Writers’ festival? Guess who. Policy announcement? You heard it there first. Now even official archives releases. The cancer is everywhere.


Wish you could hide news on the Twitter page as well as trends.

I wish the grid alignment in Inkscape was set up to the same quality as I remember Illustrator being, because that would make this a lot easier.

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Today I get to use my basic graphic design skills to renew an old flyer which was originally made in PowerPoint and exported to PDF.

I don't watch AFL these days, but I think I was always kind of put off by how simplistic the commentary is from both broadcasters and fans. How it is filmed might be part of that.

I feel like a lot of people must have forgotten that Wayforward also makes a lot of bad contract games, not just their original IPs.

We live in a very cool world where SEO abuse allows people to profit off of obscuring built-in OS features.

Uni results came out today.
I got a HD in ANTH3402,
only a D in ANTH1001 (I messed up on the exam somehow, probably wrote a mediocre essay),
and a CR in HIST2202, which is probably a trend and suggests that my writing style is more suited to anthropology than history.

Cisco seriously made routers with flash control panels, holy shit.

The router at work has regional firmware variants. The Russian(?) one seems to have more features as well, which is really weird.

Found all sorts of interesting networking stuff just looking at the space above the office.

Some of which could be used to avoid buying a whole new phone system.

Listening to a podcast about conspiracy theories and an undiscussed theme is that flat earth people are dumb and have no willingness to listen or learn to anything outside there world.
Anything counter-intuitive will just go straight through them.

Got the old computer up and running somehow, but it's using an install from different hardware and the motherboard keeps on trying to boot from another hard drive.

Couldn't install all the accumulated laptop HDDs either because the cage is really basic.

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Installed a new PSU in my main PC.

Probably won't get it finished today, but I'm hoping to set up my old computer in an even older case so I have something to use on the TV.

Still couldn't get my credit card application sorted at the bank.
Getting paid monthly really screws things up it seems.

Then I went to PLE and had to wait ages as some people think it's a good idea to be walked through a whole PC build when there are only two staff.

If this is how it works, then Commonwealth Bank has probably delayed thousands of credit card applications for months on end waiting for evidence that people receive jobkeeper levels of income.

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Cool, can't get my credit card because they need to see that I've been getting jobkeeper for three months.

This doesn't even make sense because that's literally my income and not a support payment.

There's an OHRRPGCE reference of all things, amazing.

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