Everyone talks about how important back ups are (which I've kept), but no one really has a clear tutorial on how to use them.

Tablet keeps on nagging me to update it, so I thought I would have a look at that.
Unfortunately Android rooting is still a clusterfuck of incomplete documentation, weird command line tools and dodgy looking links.

Steam Link works impressively well if you have the right setup, even on Fast it looks great.

Because of the name, Control is also an awful game to find any info about it. How did they not think about this?

The funniest thing about Control is all the illogical lore that is dedicated to explaining the games mechanics.
The worst thing so far is definitely the combat itself.

So far its just a lore and architecture game for me, until I get more stuff to play with in combat.

Confessional games writing in a nutshell.

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The New Yorker’s review of “untitled goose game” is the most New Yorkery thing I’ve ever read

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Anyone that researches the historical meaning of a word to diminish its current usage is a bore that does not understand change, or the fact that words often have multiple and sometimes contradictory meanings. Like the usage of tabling in US vs UK context en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_(p

Well apparently my controller works after restarting Control.
It should detect it dynamically though, like every other game.

All I wanted to do was launch Control through Steam to get my controller working, but apparently that's not happening easily.

Google may have scanned a lot of books, but they sure aren't accessible or "democratised".
All you get are shitty previews, links to stores and sometimes there isn't even an ebook version. youtube.com/watch?v=zz_vG9b9dv

Still really dumb that there's a game called Outer Wilds that released in the same year as The Outer Worlds and they are both scifi games.

The satellite system we saw wasn't all that different from our current one.
Though you need to call up to put in your location, which might be a deal killer if people don't have sat phones.

Tomorrow we're looking at some different satellite systems, so that should be interesting.

I never used Yahoo Groups, but I'm sure there's plenty of interesting stuff we're going to lose as a result of this. theverge.com/2019/10/16/209177

I should probably play Disco Elysium, but I don't really have the time right now, so it'll have to wait until after this semester.

I have the opportunity to write about a silly subject, but done in a semi-serious way for my anthropology essay, so I'll take it.

Lecturer on Wednesday talked about reading Rousseau's "On Education" recently, then that night I started listening to the In Our Time podcast about it.

It brought up the same talking points, so I'm pretty sure he just listened to that.

This stuff comes up because every now and then I see people targetting specific figures on Twitter.
It seemed esoteric at first, but I've come to understand where the fault lines lie and it's either prior enmity or that the other person didn't support a military intervention.

The independent media can often sound conspiratorial, because a lot of it is investigative journalism of weird topics, but I'm not sure the evasive and corporate language of NGOs is a much better side to be on.

Not naming specific examples, because a lot of this is contentious.

So there's this one weird divide in the left that I don't know enough about to clearly explain. It frequently revolves around alternative and independent media that is set against NGOs they see as either ineffective (climate change orgs) or harmful (supporting imperialism).

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