The original premise for POWERLESS was such an exciting concept. I'm sad we never got to see what it could have been.

I watched the movie Sing a while back. I enjoyed it, and I spent some time thinking about how I'd improve on it. I wrote that up as a blog post at

I've been interested in learning about audio (podcasts maybe?) and video (film / tv?) editing for a while now. Suggestions on what to read / how to get started for someone who's new to it?

It took me a while to find the time to sit down and get started with, but I'm happy I did. I think I'll stick with it, though I think it'll take some time to automate some of the more tedious parts.

Finally set up tt-rss this evening. Quite happy with it so far.

Hey, &, we need your submissions!,, and I are all willing and able to help out new (or otherwise!) speakers with their talk submissions - the initial proposal, ideas, etc. Please feel free to DM!

ops folks, sysadmins, and other people who manage many computers: consider submitting a talk for !

Ticket, hotel, and flight booked for! See you there?

Extra bonus: new CPU runs at absolute zero! 🤔Wait a minute, that doesn't seem quite right.

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It's a little early to give a full opinion of this setup, but I'm really happy with the form factor and storage density. I kind of wish I had a lower power (read: cooler) CPU, but I didn't want to spend the extra several hundred dollars for a different mini-ITX board with ECC.

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Update: new case arrived; motherboard, etc. installed; drives moved. Currently 40TB raw, room for four more drives. I think I'm set with this system for quite a while.

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You have a couple more days to help us make the schedule! Please use this link to indicate which talks you're planning to attend:

I recently learned of Buster. It both makes the web easier to use and shows how truly useless and user-hostile captchas are.

PyCon AU 2019 is happy to announce:

* Tickets are available from today 🎟
* The conference schedule is now live 📣
* We have confirmed on-site childcare for the main conference days 👶
* And we are now reaching out for volunteers 🙋‍♀️


Basically, running a conference with volunteers is a corner case for most startup business models. The charge you by the user/month model maybe to great for individuals but can be overkill for conference organizers. I'd prefer not to share logins either.

Hey friends, what are your favorite mailchimp alternatives?

Running a non-profit we need multi-users even though we only send 6 to 12 emails a year. Mailchimp, while nice, isn't a good fit because of cost per user which we don't need.

Keanu Reeves advertises with a (somewhat clumsy) tongue twister:

Keanu believes that his films are quite decent
And we all agree with him vehemently
The stories he weaves have us waiting to see
The most excellent film that will be Bill & Ted 3

Now that talks have been announced, please help us build the schedule by indicating which talks you'd plan to attend:

If you come to Python conferences for talks unrelated to Python and only metaphorically related to software in general, come see me talk about fire brigades at next month!

Keanu sparks social revolution. Keanu Upheaves.
Keanu Reeves gets very angry, but holds it in. Keanu Seethes.

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