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'No results found for "a sysfsian task"'

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@shanselman@twitter.com @bradwilson@twitter.com 1) Contrast. 2) Size. 3) Less Words 4) Don't even use PowerPoint. 5) There are folks who are color blind. 6) There are folks who are blind. 7) There are folks who are hard of hearing 8) There are English non-native tongue. SLOW DOWN AND PAUSE. And that's my quick list.

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Presenter pro tips:
- I know you love dark themes. Use a light theme. Nobody can read your dark text on dark background.
- Make the font bigger. “But I already made it big!” Yep, bigger. Keep going. A little more.

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TWITTER FAM: do any of you do (or know folks who do) personal infosec consulting?

My parents were very seriously hacked (bank accts, phones, email, etc) and don't know how to get out of the situation. I've truly *never* seen anything like it.

I get that running a business is hard, but surely the issue was not that too many people were modifying the source code, right? What is one to do when the response to people paying for software freedom is "thanks for the money, no more source code for you"?

I'm really disappointed to see that emby has gone closed source. People say "vote with your wallet", so you go and pay for a "premier" plan, and then the whole thing goes proprietary without so much as an explanation of why being open source was the problem.

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What?! Only one more week until LOVE, Z?!

You can pre-order signed/personalized copies through @wordbookstores@twitter.com! wordbookstores.com/JessieSima

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I've got a lead on Python/JS roles at an early-stage startup building a security product. The founder's a former co-worker who I respect a ton. The product is unique and I think will be very successful. SF-based, remote OK for more senior devs. DM me if you want an intro!

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Folks who are looking for an entry-level pentester/webappsec person DM me plz 🙏

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❤️🤖 LOVE, Z sails onto shelves on Dec. 18th! Read it and find out who lives in this super cozy house!

You can pre-order or request from your local library now.

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@mayela0x14@twitter.com @leonardoajim@twitter.com @PyTennessee@twitter.com @lakatialira@twitter.com @elthenerd@twitter.com @jonafato@twitter.com twitter.com/mariatta/status/10

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Hey folks! Open enrollment for health coverage is available until 12/15. If you need health insurance, check it out. healthcare.gov/

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We have @PyGotham@twitter.com organizer @jonafato@twitter.com sharing @HiMorty@twitter.com's experience on @pycon@twitter.com Startup Row

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Join @pycon@twitter.com Startup Row Dec. 4 at @GIPHYEng@twitter.com, learn how @Cometml@twitter.com makes it easy to track code, experiments, and results on ML projects, sign up with free code GIPHYEng, giphypsf.eventbrite.com?discou

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Arguments are out there as to whether this information is essentially being suppressed via underfunding, but it's likely just incompetence. Regardless. You have until December 15th, look into it, please.

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CRITICAL detail: The monitoring service Marriott hired to alert customers if their data was stolen includes a jury waiver and class-action ban in its terms of service — requiring ALL customers who have claims against the monitoring service to file in DAVIDSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE. twitter.com/CNN/status/1068476

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