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Goddagens, nytt avsnitt! 🤗

#Linux körs på #Mars och kanske till och med på #Google:s nya #Fuschia OS. #Lastpass stryper gratiskonton och Trevlig Mjukvara börjar undersöka vad det mystiska #Gemini egentligen är. Två fräscha trevligheter, #foss, #opensource och mycket mer! 💥💫🥳

I just did my first `git add --patch`. It wasn't as hard as I thought.

The Fantasy of Opting Out

Those who know about us have power over us. Obfuscation may be our best digital weapon.

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If you missed it: here's my interview with William Gibson!
Talking cyberpunk, sci-fi, and the atemporal future with the writer of Neuromancer and godfather himself
#cyberpunk #scifi #writers #dystopian #indiedev #cyberpunkisnow #sciencefiction

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Briar is censorship resistant

1. it does not rely on centralized server infrastructure
2. Tor, and bridges to Tor in case Tor is under censorship are implemented by default
3. build with offgrid communication in mind, in case of internet shutdown
4. no Sim card required. (sim card registration can be stopped/on hold by gov)

Don't build proxies serving only a single purpose, support general purpose censorship prevention tools such as Create #Tor nodes and bridges
#Iran #Signal

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communities disappearing from self-hosted forums and even Livejournal to places like Tumblr and Twitter, and to a lesser extent Reddit, was a move from spaces we controlled to spaces designed to control us

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Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

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Please stop handing Google your users' data by using Google Forms. There's a fine alternative: Nextcloud Forms! Keep your data on your own server. #privacy #GDPR

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Today I finally got through to my, soon to be, 13 year old son. He has started to get curious (and almost accepted) about switching from Mac OS X to a Linux computer/operating system instead. The only big problem to solve is how he will be able to play his favorite games on "Roblox" from now on...?

It seams to not work in wine anylonger?

Anyone with experience, please come forward?

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Check out !

A static site generator and an open publishing platform that lets you publish content without a server!

This might be the solution to our problems with not having to compile the static page on the server @jonarvid !

You can request an invite here:

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Where I bank is sensitive information. It has value, most especially to debt collectors, hackers, and adversaries. Hackers would love to have that info not necessarily to attack the acct but to write a convincing ransom demand. Google ties downloads to identities. The app can only be exclusively jailed in a walled garden if the source code is secret (and it is).

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Many of our followers are FOSS people, but for those who are not, WhatsApp now insists you share data with Facebook or delete the app. I say delete the app AND Facebook. We use on the farm, private, secure, open source!

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