Personally, I prefer , which is the open source version of , without MS telemetry and branding.

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Roben Kleene: "VS Code has reached unprecedented levels of popularity and refinement, laying a foundation that could mean decades of market dominance.
The Era of Visual Studio Code".

What do you think, will be the dominant text editor for long time?

The Era of Visual Studio Code -

I agree with the people in the second HN comment to this article, who rant about the idea with everywhere. I really can't see how a touch interface makes a stove better than a physical knob.

We need physical audio kill switches -

When I finished my meeting, chose to start playing music for me. It would have been very annoying, if it wasn't for the very nice tune:
(sorry for linking to proprietary services...)

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@hund @Fairphone
I need a phone with Android compability so I bought the FP3 with /e/.
I see it as the least worst phone to get and still be able to use the needed applications.
Use F-droid for as many apps as possible and Aurora store for the apps only found in Play store.

It's not perfect, but we need to start somewhere.

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Do you want to learn how to take lead on your metadata management? Get going like the #GIS workgroup at @Huddinge_kommun! Today we'll host a course covering the latest stuff and details on #geodata and #geodcatap to help #Huddinge make the most of their central #metadata catalog for internal use and #opendata! #dcatap #öppnadata #EntryScape

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Freedom of the Press Foundation's @TrevorTimm, on the Assange prosecution, says "This would criminalise every reporter who received a secret document whether they asked for it or not."

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virtual environments - or - in five minutes. Not so complicated rally, but a year ago I didn't even know what is was ...

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Been trying Bookstack for documentation for some time now. It is stable and nice looking and has a good search engine. Built in Laravel/PHP. Read more:

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What about using #opendata for #ClimateAction? Read the final report from a 1 year pilot project between @opendatacharter @WorldResources @the_IDB
@FIMA_Chile @MMAChile and @GobDigitalCL. - link to the full report is in the text.

#Sustainability #öppnadata

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How to ethically improve a project that lives in MS #Github: 1) torsocks git clone <project URL> 2) fix bugs; make enhancements 3) start a new project on 4) push the improved project to the new #nixnet repo 5) if you can reach the GH devs, tell them where to find your improved code.

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Vi vill tacka @havochvatten för en rolig och givande del 2 i vår kom igång-kurs i fredags förmiddag förra veckan! Vi ser fram emot att #öppnadata och fortsätta hjälpa med #metadata med er via #EntryScape!

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Missed EFF’s 30th Anniversary Livestream? Watch it on the @internetarchive and celebrate three decades of defending Internet freedom!

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