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General request: if you post pictures, please please include alt text describing the image so that everyone, regardless of visual ability, can enjoy your toot.

Please consider asking others to do this. Optionally, reconsider boosting toots if they don't have alt text.

We all have an opportunity to help shape the culture of this place and I'd love, love, love if it were "oh, everyone posts alt text with their images because that's just what you do."

Make a milkshake for dinner?

Of course! I know how to adult!

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Our old Mastodon account is dead. Please follow this one instead, as well as our new alt account @Liberapay.


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@cwebber I think it's a very valuable project to iterate on codes of conduct, describe the important details of implementation and propose other community safety processes.

Nonetheless, it's hard to read this post as any of that; the author says that a Code of Conduct document alone won't solve all problems (true!), therefore, CoCs are preventing an unspecified better alternative (citation-needed!).

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Looks like the Union of Concerned Scientists has new EV grid efficiency numbers:

Sales-weighted, the average EV in 2016 had the carbon footprint of a gasoline-fueled vehicle that got 80 miles per gallon (or about 2.9 l/100 km).

I live in a world where, when I see ETH, I think, "Ethernet driver (prefix)."

This makes reading tech news a lot more confusing and entertaining.

The beginning of Daylight Saving Time means that we cyclists here with full-time jobs will again emerge blinking into the light, fat and slow, and resume our eternal struggle up the hills.

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#Mastodon idea:

instead of not letting people toot images without text, how about we go one step further and _require_ alt-text????

If people wanna be lazy they can continue putting dots everywhere, but at least they won't _forget_ to add it.

#accessibility #ui #alttext

There's literally seven precise steps you have to take to make this linker locate something in the right place (memory marked as no-cache for peripheral DMA).

Mess up any of those steps? The linker just silently ignores the locate directive and puts the variable where-ever. WHY IS THIS NOT A WARNING.

Act I, in which the protagonist has to wrap an industrial control protocol from 1979 into something usable by an XMLHttpRequest user.


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trying in general not to boost memes with unicode fonts because they're generally not readable on mobile

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The cryptocurrency world is fascinating because it's a microcosm of the last 40 years of neoliberalism on fast-forward: a community who thought that the biggest problem with capitalism wasn't the accumulative nature of capital, but mysterious actions of dark Others 'outside the market' - "Government" or "International Bankers" - forcing capital into an unnatural shape.

If that belief were true, then yes, "freeing" capital from regulation would work.

It's not true; that's why it doesn't work.

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40 Years of Data Suggest 3 Myths About Globalization

<<Three beliefs about globalization have propagated since the early 1980s. First, that globalization leads to a reduction in global inequality. Second, that high income growth among the richest will lift the incomes of the poorest. Third, that there is no alternative to rising inequality without turning our backs on trade and technology. The recently released World Inequality Report..dispels these notions.>>

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visualization of a modem negotiating a connection

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scheduled reminder to caption screenshots of texts

actually, just avoid posting screenshots of text whenever you can

Hmm. Putting this dev environment in a small one-CPU VM seemed a lot smarter before the project grew to nearly a thousand source files. :/

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@taoeffect If you're trying to combat racism by jumping onto black people and telling them their lived experiences of racism are less important than not accidentally hurting your feelings using a semantic contextual overgeneralization then you're doing a shitty job of it

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hey if u missed that article about capacitive touch sensing i made yesterday, it's here.

idc about views, but i think it's really interesting

Today I'm working in a bunch of really old code that uses discriminated unions ... without the union part.

struct Thing {
enum EThingType t;
void * p;


(I'm 98% sure it had to do this because the original Microchip compiler threw a biscuit otherwise.)