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Now reading “Armageddon 2419 A.D.,” a novella from 1928 and later the basis for Buck Rodgers. Lead female character has a very 1928 first name: Wilma! Adorable. Get it from Project Gutenberg

Installed 8 smoke detectors and 2 CO detectors at the new house today. Whew...

Hey @pokey can I use throttle body cleaner to clean an idle air control valve?

I finished reading War and Peace today. I guess it took me about 2 weeks? It was excellent. Tolstoy was very thoughtful, liked to poke and prod the issues from all sides (and from inside out).

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TIL There’s a robot that can take your plant into the sunlight or back to shade as needed. It can also do a dance when it’s time to water the plant and even play with you

How very

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the Master & Margarita is one of my favorite reads of my life. It was one of the most visually evocative books I've read, so much so I immediately sketched out a bunch of stuff for it as soon as I was done marathoning it cover to cover back in 2011. (1/2)

I think my wife ordered a giant box of air. This thing weighs almost nothing.

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Well the one station that comes in nice and strong on my 1948 Truetone tube radio is AM 1330, which appropriately plays non-stop awesome classic songs from 60s to the 80s.

Another day, another absolute downpour in South Louisiana.

So I'm assuming there's a sweet API for Mastodon that I can use to post things from the command line, right?

Incredible as it may seem, right now I prefer cutting the grass as my daily exercise rather than the recumbent exercise bike. It's a better workout and accomplishes something useful.

Let's try this again. Can I post a photo with the android client? My refurbed deco kinda hassock fan.

My favorite new companion on a warm day, a 1950s Fasco L55A hassock fan. Refurb finished last week.

Whaddup @NYbill I found my old pals hangin on another newfangled decentralized platform! I can't keep track of these things.