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... first!
Okay, crappy introduction.

Hey, my name is Joanna and I'm 30, living in Germany. I love to paint and draw because it helps me to relax and focus on my personal goals. I'm struggling with depression, which is why I am also struggling with being productive. But I'm trying my best to keep going.


it owns that Lisa Simpson has a better understanding of the function that police serve in a capitalist society then the majority of this country's population lol


Capitalist dictionary:

Freedom: serving the rich.
Equality: everyone gets to serve the rich.
Happiness: liking how you serve the rich.
Failure: your life's work isn't useful to the rich.

Some silly illustration I made. I've noticed that I didn't post anything personal for a while. I'm stuck in a depressive phase again but that doesn't mean that I'm not trying to draw something. I'm just isolating myself from social media for some time to let that depressive phase pass and to pull myself together.

Okay, I'm back from my lil' hiatus, and I refuse to apologise for all the stuff I'm gonna draw that'll look like science museum crap on 90's toyboxes

#illustration #mastoart #art #haiku #poetry #poems

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