For those of you having troubles with the latest iOS release on older devices (iOS 12), please try version 12.5.3 as it should be compatible. It's already in the App Store.

The GoFundMe goal has been reached now and even exceeded, thanks everyone for your help! We've now hired DIMOV, an internet law consulting firm based in Brussels, to write the Free For Personal Use license. More info soon!

If you are seeing a message "Your session has expired, please login again" when using Joplin Cloud, simply close your app and open it again to fix it. This issue will be addressed in the next desktop and mobile versions.

For those of you having trouble with the "Certificate has expired" error with Let's Encrypt certificates, give a try to v2.5 pre-relese, which shoudl fix the issue.

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If you use Joplin-Web (

Today the project is made with VueJS and Python.
Tomorrow, it will be fully written in Python (with the lovely Django)

I'm tired to receive mail from github telling me "vulnerability in fooobar.js ; upgrade it"

Thus, I will feel more confident and less tightrope walker with my code
If that do not suit you, I invite you to fork it as soon as possible

ps : I will set a git "tag" before this "fatal" action:)

Have a nice day


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