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I open a discord server as we can't talk to each other on the telegram channel where we are not 200 yet, so give a try to discord.gg/d2HMPwE

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@joplinapp Is an amazing notes taking app. Have been using it for almost a year and it just keeps improving. Cross-platform, open-source, encrypted. 📒

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@joplinapp template notes with date time stamps are part of what might be needed for chat / social within Joplin. Thanks for such a fine tool! :jrbd:

Joplin version1.6.1 comes with many fixes and improvements
The mobile UI changed a bit
Details and download ->

As a matter of fact, telegram subscribers of t.me/joplinapp can't post until the number of members reach 200.
Share the link with your mates to enable posting for everyone ;)

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Hi all,

there is a great software for note taking called joplin. As this app also provides task handling there is a notification function based on gsm at the moment.
So we are searching for an alternative to create scadualed notification in react native.

Thanks and help is highly appreciated!



JoplinApp channel on telegram is opened if you want 😁

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I have a few favorite pieces of software that enable me to use #linux and stay away from all the expensive and restricting walled gardens of Microsoft, Apple, Adobe etc.
One of these apps, and one that doesn't get all the attention it deserves, is @joplinapp
Joplin is a note-taking and organizing app, like Evernote for example, and works in iOS, Android, Linux and Windows and syncs via nextcloud (among other things).
If you need a note-taking app, and I think you might, please take a look.

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@switchingsocial Wow, awesome @joplinapp is on Mastodon? How great is that? I use #Joplin all the time!

Thanks for all the private message - Have Fun and Enjoy Joplin

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