rough sketches of some stickers i'm making for my dnd group~ gonna try and have them finished by our next session

lil update: my comms are now closed!! will most likely reopen them in the spring! :>

wip of a commission for a character that is e x a c t l y my type ;o;
i'm loving every second of drawing her eep

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an MHA Mint by @jordynarily that is extra special heccin cute. her quirk would probably be...i dunno, smelling really good? she's definitely not in Class 1A, lmao. maybe she'd be good for calming people down in a crisis??

i'm gonna put more thought into this anyways THANK YOU!!!

#art #commission

got ssbu for christmas and so far my playstyle is just button mashing and hoping for the best :')

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The wonderful @jordynarily did an extremely cute as hecc piece of Mint in my new favorite Dark Souls hoodie!! I've always wanted art of her in clothes I actually own. :) Thank you!!!

#art #MastoArt #Commission

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