Cancelled all my wrestling subscriptions for now. Let's see how the industry responds. For all their "change the world" posturing, AEW, employers of Jimmy Havoc, haven't said shit.

I knew wrestling is rotten and I'm still shocked by the extent of it. David Starr, who I had so much respect for just 48 hours ago, is nothing but a rapist and a fraud, and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Wrestling would be so good if it wasn't for the wrestlers.


I'll be doing a Twitch stream tonight on how to set up a PICO-8 development environment. I'm using Notepad++ myself so I'll be showing how to set that up, and how to use Larkstongue to pack assets.

Any ideas for what I should go through in particular? I don't want to leave out anything that's potentially useful for beginners just because I think it's obvious.

suicide, online harassment 

Rest in peace, Hana Kimura.

Social media is good at obscuring you from the fact that everyone you interact with is a human being. Always remember not to let it do that.

If you can just walk away when you need to, then definitely do that, but don't belittle the suffering people inflict on those who can't. You haven't walked in their shoes. Never blame the victim.

That is all.

Tonight's PICO-8 show now on YouTube!

Who can spot the bug? Hint: I needed to change something after I implemented something else, but forgot. First one with the right answer wins 256 Internet points. Not going back to fix it, everything's a final version once I stop streaming, maybe I'll just use a fixed version of this effect in a demo later :)

Streaming PICO-8 coding again tonight! 18:00 EEST,, see you there!

The Einstellung effect is the predisposition to use a particular method and being blind to other, possibly simpler and more elegant solutions.

This is something I think programmers should be aware of. I see it in Python enthusiasts who are so in love with pythonic conventions that they get angry at a simple, intuitive for loop. I see it in myself, whenever I learn something advanced and then want to apply it everywhere, resulting in some embarrassingly convoluted code.

Still skipping the PICO-8 stream this week. The week between Wednesdays is quite stressful if I don't have an idea, and I end up spending a lot of my time on worrying, doing nothing, and avoiding other projects as well. I'm not a professional streamer, and I shouldn't hold myself to the standards of one, so from now on, my stream schedule will be "Wednesdays, as long as I know what I want to do the Wednesday before".

That said, I do have an idea for next week, so see you then!

Introducing: Larkstongue!

Larkstongue is an asset packer for the PICO-8, written in Python. It can extract raw cart data from a .p8 file, compress and pack assets into the cart data of a .p8 cart, and generate code for unpacking that data.

It is currently in early public alpha, so there will probably be a lot of quirks still. Remember to keep backups of any carts you use it on!

Give it a try! Do try to break it and tell me how you broke it 🙂

Going to take a break from my streaming schedule this week. Been putting a bit too many hours into writing compression routines, so now I should take a break from coding for a couple of days and decompress myself instead.

Back next week with some PICO-8 stuff, and hopefully a new asset packer to display!

Today's lesson: just because you think something is fun doesn't mean you should work 10-12 hour days on end doing it. Your mind and your body won't remember it was supposed to be fun when they shut down.

Experimenting with bitmap compression and space-filling curves

Here's tonight's stream! Sorry for the not-remembering-to-turn-my-mic-on issue for the first minute or so. I'll learn to stream some day 🙂

Next show again on Wednesday, May 6. I'm actually not sure what I'm going to cover then, so if you have something you'd like to see, I'm open to suggestions!

Streaming some more PICO-8 stuff tonight! Going to show some tricks using the powerful new tline() function. Starting at 18:00 EEST, check it out at

Trying to implement screen space subdivision and it doesn't quite work yet but I gotta keep a copy of this version because it looks awesome

I made a Wavefront .OBJ importer for the PICO-8. Currently work in progress, as the renderer is still missing some features, plus the GUI is kind of terrible so if you have specific suggestions for improvements, I'm all ears!

11:00 Decided to tidy up my PICO-8 routines, just improve readability a bit, and then push them to GitHub. I reckoned I should be done in an hour or two

19:50 Nothing pushed to GitHub yet but now my .OBJ importer has an entirely new GUI

Here's tonight's stream! Sorry about the poor audio mixing at the start, fortunately my viewers pointed that out so I could fix it a bit after around 20 minutes :)

Doing another PICO-8 stream tonight! It's going to be a bit different this time, I'll be focusing on the PICO-8 tracker and writing a piece of music with it.

I might also show you how to use stat(24) to check which pattern is currently being played and to use that to script your demo, but other than that, I won't be writing much code this time.

Tune in at 18:00 EEST!

The age old engines debate is shambling about on Pouet again. Apparently Unity is killing the demoscene because if someone wins with someone else's engine, that means writing your own code is not viable anymore.

This obstinate "I want to win on my own terms" mindset is exasperating. I seem to keep seeing it in gaming and geek circles exclusively. Are there MMA fighters out there complaining about how catch wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu have ruined everything?

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