There are days when you just feel like headbutting the Earth for 56 damage

Good thing we have all these clearly and consistently defined life cycle models

I have been practicing Yau5. Most methods of solving a big cube involve reducing it to a 3x3 - like in the picture - and then solving that. In Yau5, once you reach the 3x3 step, it's already halfway done.

There's always something you can improve - intuition, pattern recognition, or just drilling algorithms. The 5x5 is my favourite cube right now because of the complexity of center and edge building. I'll never master any cube, but with the 5x5, I have a long way to go before I reach my ceiling.

i made a demo. “special disco version” by jumalauta, for iphone. 3rd place in the jml20v demo compo

We had an excellent celebration of 20 years of Jumalauta
last weekend! Wish we could have had more people there, but this is the world right now. Thanks to everyone who was there, and to everyone who couldn't be there but participated via the Internet. No shame in sofa scening - your spirit is at the party, with or without your body.

It's been a weird ride. I hope it stays weird and goes on for at least 20 more years!

Reposting the guy holding up a "Bring back Turrican" sign at WrestleMania 33, for no reason.

It has been pointed out to me that in this case, it was actually a case of the same person asking the same question in French and English. So, while the response could have been written in a way that was less easy to misconstrue, it was still more or less warranted.

Not deleting the post. Leaving it up there as a testament to my own stupidity and a reminder to myself not to voice emotional reactions but wait until I've calmed down and formed a rational assessment.

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This is why people use Microsoft products. Not because they're dumb and lazy and can't bother to find out about anything else, but because Microsoft never responds "we've already answered this in French, now go away" to a support question.

I'm sympathetic to the idea of free software, and Blender proves it can deliver astounding results as well, but I will NOT recommend LibreOffice to anyone over any alternative, including Microsoft Office.

Not until LibreOffice does a LOT better than this.

Sad to see that Devolver has become just another bullshit publisher that pushes microtransactions in non-free games.

Fall Guys is still fun I guess

Always remember that fascism doesn't always always look like tear gas or jackboots. Sometimes it looks like a bunch of hippies around a barbecue.

In my days as an arts and media student, I met my share of "open minded" fringe types. Alternative medicine zealots and conspiracy buffs. I'm absolutely certain at least a few of them are on board the QAnon wagon now.

One of my favourite demos this year - The Cure by Retream, Amiga 030, winner of the oldskool demo compo at Solskogen. Excellent design, strong atmosphere, and a simple but important message.

“serial” by dekadence, our atari st demo released at sommarhack 2020 last weekend.

Cancelled all my wrestling subscriptions for now. Let's see how the industry responds. For all their "change the world" posturing, AEW, employers of Jimmy Havoc, haven't said shit.

I knew wrestling is rotten and I'm still shocked by the extent of it. David Starr, who I had so much respect for just 48 hours ago, is nothing but a rapist and a fraud, and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Wrestling would be so good if it wasn't for the wrestlers.


I'll be doing a Twitch stream tonight on how to set up a PICO-8 development environment. I'm using Notepad++ myself so I'll be showing how to set that up, and how to use Larkstongue to pack assets.

Any ideas for what I should go through in particular? I don't want to leave out anything that's potentially useful for beginners just because I think it's obvious.

suicide, online harassment 

Rest in peace, Hana Kimura.

Social media is good at obscuring you from the fact that everyone you interact with is a human being. Always remember not to let it do that.

If you can just walk away when you need to, then definitely do that, but don't belittle the suffering people inflict on those who can't. You haven't walked in their shoes. Never blame the victim.

That is all.

Tonight's PICO-8 show now on YouTube!

Who can spot the bug? Hint: I needed to change something after I implemented something else, but forgot. First one with the right answer wins 256 Internet points. Not going back to fix it, everything's a final version once I stop streaming, maybe I'll just use a fixed version of this effect in a demo later :)

Streaming PICO-8 coding again tonight! 18:00 EEST,, see you there!

The Einstellung effect is the predisposition to use a particular method and being blind to other, possibly simpler and more elegant solutions.

This is something I think programmers should be aware of. I see it in Python enthusiasts who are so in love with pythonic conventions that they get angry at a simple, intuitive for loop. I see it in myself, whenever I learn something advanced and then want to apply it everywhere, resulting in some embarrassingly convoluted code.

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