El ejército colombiano ha matado a Jesús .

Parece que el sitio web de la Segunda Marquetalia está sobrecargada y no responde correctamente.


Colombian army killed Jesús .

It seems that the website of Segunda Marquetalia is overloaded and it doesn't respond correctly.


🎥🛑En : COPIEN Y PEGUEN “Lo Mataron, Están disparando Con Fusil, La Policía lo Mató


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On 1937 the Luftwaffe's Condor Legion & Mussolini's airforce, on 's orders, bombed the town of .
The attack targeted a civilian population on market day. 85% of buildings were destroyed & 100s died

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Giving a try to in . It's a great equalizer. As it doesn't include presets, you can easily install them from: github.com/JackHack96/PulseEff

The USA election is a worldwide reality show where it appears that something changes while everything remains the same. A reality show with so much power that it is capable of making people on the left support a candidate on the right.

Valentine's Day is also the "I love Free Software Day". Did you show your love and greetings to the projects you like? This year my donation goes to . Eskerrik asko lagunak! I encourage you to contribute to your favourite projects with time or money.

Hoy es el día en el que agradecemos a todos aquellos que crean y contribuyen a proyectos de Software Libre. Hay miles de buenas causas, pero yo agradezco a los creadores de Kdenlive, @blender_org, FreeCAD y @libreoffice que hagan mi vida más fácil e interesante.

The current topic in the course I'm following is about . I used them some (may be 10) years ago when I was learning , so, it's time to have fun again 👨‍💻🤯🎊 I'm enjoying it a lot!

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