To future historians—not just of computing, but of humanity—the current period will be a dark age.

How was Facebook used by students in the 2010s? We cannot show you, that version of Facebook is not hosted anywhere.

How did MySpace look around 2009? We don't really know, the Wayback Machine only shows a limited amount of static content, and there may only be a few surviving screenshots

What correspondence did Vint Cerf have as president of the ACM with other luminaries of computing industry and research? We do not know; Google will not publish his emails.

What was it like playing Angry Birds on an iPhone 3G? We do not know; Apple is no longer distributing signed receipts for that binary.

What did the British cabinet discuss when they first learned of the Coronavirus pandemic? We do not know; they chatted on a private WhatsApp group.

What books were published analysing the aftermath of the Maidan coup in Ukraine? We do not know; we do not have the keys for the Digital Editions DRM.

How was the coup covered in televised news? We do not know; the broadcasters used RealVideo and Windows Media Encoder and we cannot read those files.

We have to ask ourselves how we are going to preserve and transmit knowledge about our age to the next generations. Knowledge about an age where information is produced, consumed and discarded within hours, days or months, or where it's only stored on the server rooms of a handful of corporations, with no guarantees that those businesses will exist in the future, and with no way of accessing that information unless a certain set of regulatory, hardware, software pre-conditions are met.

That's why projects like the Internet Archive deserve more recognition and funding. That's why web scraping should not only be a civic right, but a civic duty to the next generations. Otherwise all the knowledge about the great age of information will be transmitted orally - with all the distortions that such transmission implies.

Gaur jaso dut Argiaren aktualitatearen Gakoak aldizkaria.

Nola ez, teknologia burujabetzaren atalera jo dut lehenengo, eta @desertorea eta @porru ren iritzi eta gomendioak aurkitu ditut 👏👏

Espero bezain interesgarri oraingoz!

I sometimes think that multiverse is real because some Mac lovers seems to live in a parallel universe. Mac as a premium version of GNU/Linux. Really?

El ejército colombiano ha matado a Jesús .

Parece que el sitio web de la Segunda Marquetalia está sobrecargada y no responde correctamente.

Colombian army killed Jesús .

It seems that the website of Segunda Marquetalia is overloaded and it doesn't respond correctly.

🎥🛑En : COPIEN Y PEGUEN “Lo Mataron, Están disparando Con Fusil, La Policía lo Mató


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On 1937 the Luftwaffe's Condor Legion & Mussolini's airforce, on 's orders, bombed the town of .
The attack targeted a civilian population on market day. 85% of buildings were destroyed & 100s died


Giving a try to in . It's a great equalizer. As it doesn't include presets, you can easily install them from:

The USA election is a worldwide reality show where it appears that something changes while everything remains the same. A reality show with so much power that it is capable of making people on the left support a candidate on the right.

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