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People say the darndest things...

An excerpt of "What Never Was," from my upcoming release, "Mind Things."

©Josh Humble / Humblety

Building useful and functional products of quality is ALWAYS more important than "innovative" products. Fewer updates that break things and more stable apps, please.

What I like about VSCO - a quiet but active community, sharing images without the vitriol of most social media. It's a window of humanity again.

This is not the world I want to live in. Sadly, it's not going to get better, as too many of us don't want it better. We just want to endlessly destroy what we hate or disagree with. And we find more people and things to hate everyday.

If we only understood how exaggerated and hyperbolic many of our issues are...

If people can't be trusted to think reasonably with the bigger issues, why should they be trusted with smaller issues?

You can overtake a society with soft tyranny much easier than with hard tyranny.

Facts are very important... IF they can be believed.

Always promote based on merit, not inherent qualities. This is true equality.

We'll never fix the problems of our world until we truly realise the role we all play in them. Humility and self-awareness is key.

I hate the misuse of the word, "truth." What people usually mean is perspective. But that's the people we are. We'll manipulate the meaning of anything for our "truth."

The attempt to maliciously silence and crush your opponent is a great way to fail miserably.

Pairing free speech with "Nazzism" and "white supremacy" is NOT helpful or a good look. This makes one look more like they favor fascism and a dishonoring of the American constitution. It also keeps the dishonest hyperbole going, ensuring this nonsensical battle continues.

"Our app's exciting update features several new language additions, snazzy emojis, and a free body temperature check. We do apologize about the small glitch causing most users to go down - as well as the security breach - but we'll be back up in no time!"

I wasn't a cat person, then I met my boyfriend (and his cat). Now his cat always comes to me.

I am now a cat person.

Tentative toot.

Not moving here yet, but felt it was time to get up to speed. Not because I've ever felt censored or concerned about "other places" from my own interactions there, but simply because an open protocol social media, is the natural direction.

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